ROMWE Black Friday Sale + Fashion Blogger Contest!

Hear ye, hear ye! Here are great news from our favorite ROMWE! 

Romwe is having a huge Black Friday sale event! Up to 70% on selected items. So shop now! Visit http://www.romwe.com/. Sale runs from Nov. 21 til the 26th:)

Here's one contest you wouldn't want to pass up from! Romwe is currently looking for fashion bloggers that would be part of their prestigious roster.:) Do you have what it takes to be a Romwe blogger? Then go join Romwe Official Fashion Bloggers in 2013 contest. Win big (up to $130 in freebies!) and become an official Romwe Fashion Blogger. Click HERE to join!:) 

Awards are for bloggers with the most “likes”, most “fans” and best style. Each qualified participant will also receive $30 in freebies. Anyone with 2000 or more fans on their FB fan page could join! They will also have the chance to become a Romwe fashion blogger. Contest awards not available to current Romwe Fashion Bloggers.

Goodluck and go shop!:)

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