Cambodia Day 2: Museums + Night Market

Hello again from Siam Reap (read as Siyam Ri-yap), Cambodia! So that's how it's pronounced. Hehe. So we spent our day eating and immersed ourselves in Cambodia's history and cultures through their museums. We just took this day in stride, no pressure at all (it shall come tomorrow during the temple tour haha), coz after all THIS IS a vacation. Mich and I decided to just "chill" today-- and chill we did! I think this is our first trip wherein I wasn't the one who finalized the itinerary. So I believe a congratulations is in order? Good job Mich! Haha babaw. Anyway, my stories through photos!

 Next Jeans denim jacket, Freeway top, SM surplus mint green shorts, SM hat

Naraya purse, Meister watch, Braids & Bonds bracelets, Bead Shop travel bracelet

SM Surplus ballet flats

Thank you Lord for making the heat bearable, or I would have died in my chic denim jacket. Hehe. Anyway, here are the rest of the photos!

 free breakfast! nomnom

breakfast area! cute noh? 

making plans and reminders by the pool

After breakfast, I napped for another 2 hours and then off we went to the city!
bikes and motorcycles dominate the streets

Our first stop was Pub Street for some quick lunch!

fish spa everywhere! Mich chickened out coz the fishes were bigger than normal. Chickeeen! Haha.

national book store! jk lang. book store!

Ate at the popular and highly recommended resto, The Blue Pumpkin!

Mich doing what he does best, raping... breads. Kala niyo ha.

their famous icecream!!

free brochures and booklets for tourists. Took one. So useful:)

Airconditioned 2nd floor. Love the super chill vibe! Complete with lounge pa. Cuuute.

reading while waiting

Lemonade and Watermelon Shake (so refereshing)


The only downside was the serving time which took longer than usual, but food was delicious so the wait was worth it!

Officially the best satay I ever tasted. Swear. Ate 4 sticks! I usually eat just 1-2. ($5.50)

the secret lies in this sauce. Yuum.

Mich's fish something. Forgot the name but it's good! Mich finished everything. Haha ($5.50)

So we paid $14 for our meals, which converts to almost P500. Not bad! I wanna try out the other dishes too. Maybe tomorrow.:)

another chill area in the resto

bread and icecream area below

You can't not go here when you visit Cambodia. Food is delicious, prices are okay and the  ambiance makes you want to stay here for hours. Overselling na ba? Basta yun! Next!

our tuktuk ride! 

Kuya Tuktuk Driver (provided by our hotel) was so kind,helpful and um cheery. He waited for us from our lunch break to the museums and gladly dropped us off to our last stop which is the night market. All for $4! Gave him a tip for his dedication (dedication talaga? haha).

Picture taking was not allowed inside the exhibition halls, so no photos guys, sorry. Hee. I was only able to take photos of relics outside the halls, which kind of gives you a preview of what's inside the halls. Carved stones everywhere. 

 relics dating back to 8th century! Over sa  vintage. Gusto ko yaan.

my Bella-t pose #2. Hehe.

exhibition halls

how to do batik painting! so beautiful and intricate.

Outside exhibition hall D which holds relics and stories from Angkor Wat.

Listening to an audio guide which I rented for $3.Since picture taking wasn't allowed, I just took notes! Hihi

In summary, I would recommend guests or tourists to visit the museum before the temples. It gives you a good idea on the temples' histories. This museum reveals fully the golden era of the Khmer Kingdoms. Spent 2 hours inside navigating the halls, looking at relics, reading the explanations and watching mini video presentations. Worth it for $12 each. Well, at least for me. :)

Bye museum!

Since we finished earlier than expected, Mich and I spontaneously decided to visit the War Museum next. I wanted to know what happened during the Pol Pot regime and how they got their country back. So off we went!

mahangin sa labas!

like a boss

Mich paid $10 for the both of us.

Upon arrival, a guy named Keo Veasna immediately welcomed us and offered to tour us around. We only needed to give donation for his friend's (a war veteran who lost both of his legs) wheelchair fund. How could we say no? At the end of the tour, I wanted to give him all of my money. Haha. It was that heart wrenching and touching. :(

Sir Keo was a very effective tour guide. His explanations were thorough, his stories real. How could it not be? He was there. He was part of that war as an ex-Cambodian soldier (entered military when he was 14) who lost both of his parents and most of his friends to Pol Pot's madness and genocide. Heartbreaking. There were times when he'd pause, breathe deeply and fight back tears. Broke my heart too.

machine gun with bayonet. used to kill babies. my gaaaawd. :/

Quick Summary: Pol Pot is half Cambodian and half Chinese. But he leaned more on his being Chinese that he decided to turn Cambodia into a communist country and caused one of the worst largest genocides in the world. At the end of his regime, 3 million were killed. He killed the literate people first (doctors, teachers, bankers) and turned the illiterate ones into his minions. The war ended 1999. Grabe lang. While I was happy and free in school, people were fighting for their lives and freedom in Cambodia. Kids as young as 7 years old were being taught how to fire a gun. Sad realities.

Sir Keo showing us a photo of him as  a 14 year old soldier planting booby traps.

landmines caused the most casualties. there are still 2.5M active land mines as of today.

Pol Pot army uniform

Sample landmine. Bombs were connected by a thinner than a human hair thread. Ang hirap masight nun ha! 

Most casualties were children:( They would plant bombs everywhere at any chance. Kaloka.

out tour guide's friend died inside this tank. he even showed us his finger bone at the same spot where he died. can you spot it above? morbiiid.

telescope-ish tools


our guide refused to come near this board saying his friend's photo is here. all of these people injured by landmines.

see the blue dots? those are active landmines in Cambodia dated 2001. Afraid!!

Keo was a landmine victim himself. He lost 3 of his fingers when something exploded in his hand during a clearing operation. Despite that adversary, he still considers himself lucky to be able to get out of the war alive. His friends didn't get that chance.:( Keo still has bomb shrapnels inside his body that causes tremendous pain. It's sad that war veterans have been neglected by their government. He said he's still saving so he can have enough money to have them taken out. Waaah.

You are such a bitch Mr. Pot! Argh.

So when you do get to visit Cambodia and the war museum, pls look for Mr. Kei Veasna. He's a good man. Even after everything, he said he's still hopeful and he feels a certain joy entertaining tourists for free. He said he just wants people to know how much Cambodia had endured and to always remember the fallen who offered their lives to win their country back. He also said he wants people who visit the museum to realize how lucky they are and to be thankful everyday that they're alive and well. Yes sir, yes sir. :)

Headed back to Pub Street after the museum tours

where we went crazy over street foods!

$1 noodles. It was sooo goood!!!

kuya's kitchen

mangga with spicy salt naman

love their eskinitas! 

mich obsessing over teas


or red? only $5!:)

what is the meaning of this???

wag OA, Mich bought me a birthstone ring lang! I love iiit. 

Here's the story behind it. So I was looking at rings, but none of them fit my super thin fngers. Then Kuya gave me this "kiddie" ring and it was perfect! It was the one and only ring that fit me. I almost hopped around in joy when Kuya said it's Peridot, my birthstone! So yey. The end. Haha.

she bought a jade ring for goodluck

inavail na namin ang $3 massage and $3 manicure for me. Which I now regret. It's sooo panget.

it was still quite an experience so ok na din. 

Dinner at World Lounge!

coz I was craving for pizza. It's a little soggy but tasted good.

pork fillet with mushroom sauce! Love it!

ayun pabeer beer nalang. hehe

Had an awesome day...and night:) Here's what we went home with from the market!:)
sweet potato, taro, banana chips for $5 for 6 packs

Tea for $2 

nice purse for $5! 

And of course my ring. Haha! That's it for now. Gotta run! Our tuktuk service for the temple tour is here. Gaaah panic! have an awesome weekend!:)


  1. Makes me want to visit Cambodia too! :)

  2. very informative! haha and funny. 'you are such a bitch, Mr.Pot' hahaha! miss you!!!!


  3. I loved looking at all the photos! Cambodia looks just like a province in the philippines except it's not haha Id love to go there someday too! hehe ;)

  4. Wonderful photos! Makes me want to visit Cambodia as well. As usual, you look fabulous!

    xx Daphne of Metamorphosis

  5. Aww, hahahaha! I have that bag you posted here Ms. Aisa, hihi! Bought it in Vietnam! We wanted to go to Cambodia too, kaso kulang sa time. Hehe! Someday! :) Post more travel posts, Ms. Aisaaaa, I love it! :)


  6. Nateary-eyed naman ako sa war museum tour! :( I really love your travel posts, Pax! Hehe.

  7. wow!! the war museum tour is such a very good experience! btw, i love your outfit Ms.Aisa!


  8. Makes me want to go to Cambodia! Thanks for the virtual tour, Pax! Love your outfits, too! Bilib talaga ako sa iyo! Traveling with style! <3


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