Cambodia: Airport + Golden Mango

Cambodia and Manila has a 1 hour time difference, so even if my Meister watch (yes plugging hehe) shows 3:05 am, in reality here in Siam Reap it's just 2:05 am. Heeee. Ako na mababaw but I still get amazed thinking how I'm currently living in 2 different time. If you get what I mean. Anyway, I'm sleeping in a few minutes, have a long day ahead! But first, here are photos from yesterday:)

Forever 21 sweater (P200), Cheap Monday jeans,Simone's Closet scarf necklace (P350), Cotton On bag (P700)

love this detail at the back! CM=Call Me? Jk laang. CM for Cheap Monday!

Meister watch, Anagon brown skull bracelet, Therapy Bags chain bracelet

SM surplus ballet flats (P299), SM Acccessories hat(P250)

This has got to be one of my favorite airport ensembles. So comfy and I could move with ease. I've been raving the whole day (Mich has gone deaf) about my new ballet flats from SM Surplus, which I got for P299 a pair. Such a steal! Thank God they don't require shoe removal in our airport anymore. Woot.

Eating Gelato while waiting for boarding!
Voyager stamp luggage (P1999) & Urban purple luggage (P2k+ for a set)

I love killing time in airports as much as traveling. For some reason, I eat more and I don't easily get bored. Hehe. I don't like checking-in though. Not my favorite thing. Hehe. Our plane tickets were priced at P5k each. back and forth.

san ba yung Siam Rep?

 ayun pala eh! 

 all handcarry. good job us! hehe

 Passport Cases! white one from Dimensione, right one by Manels for Ana's blog (The Fashionista Fashion Commuter)!:)

It was a breezy ride from Manila to Siam Reap, Cambodia (good job Cebu Pacific) minus the noisy conyo kids behind us. Arrrgh I wanted to strangle them. It's a good thing I fell asleep immediately. After 2 hours... Siam Reap finally!

love their airport! looks like a mini temple. love the art pieces:)

waiting for our hotel mates

Hotel pickup, Tuktuk style! Love iiit

After 20 minutes, we finally reached our quaint hotel, the Golden Mango Inn. It's so pretty. I can honestly say Cambodia has the best hotels! While we were on the road, we saw rows and rows of magnificent hotels that all looked like temples or huge spas. Hehe.

entrance to our hostel. shoes not allowed inside!

refreshing welcome drinks!

free tea/coffee all day and they have an internet station

so cozy

mich is scared to step on the floor. haha germaphobe.

briefing hehe

our room!

clean restroom

After we've settled in, we decided to go out to heed our grumbling stomach's call. Hehe. Tried out their local food at a carinderia on the side of the street!

for $2 it's actually quite good and worth it. 

Will be touring tomorrow so will catch up with you later!:) Wet kisses for everyone!


  1. Commenting at 5AM! Haha. Seriously, I love your travel posts so much (details and the quirky aisa-and-mich stuff). I think I was even (partially) guided by your post when my family and I went to HK! Haha. :) Excited for the rest of your Cambodia posts! Totoo ba na magcclose daw yung ruins by 2013 for restoration? :(

  2. interesting...i love to see more of Cambodia

  3. hahaa super enjoy ko tong post na to! makes me want to travel na rin!!! yeee!:) and infair sister, ang pretty mo talaga!:) swear :) blooming ka lagi ah!:) enjoy kayo ni Mich!:)

  4. love your Cheap Monday jeans Ms. Aisa! i really like it with grey sweater!!


  5. Hay naku te ikaw talaga peg ko when it comes to travelling with style!

    Enjoy Cambodia! :D


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