Happy Bday Dani + Miss Sixty/Energie Party!

I've outgrown the parteh parteh or club scene. I'm more of a chill-over-beer/wine-with-friends-over-chill-music kinda girl now. I think it's because I've partied a few years of my life away. BUT! It's actually fun going back once in a while especially if it's for a friend. Here's what happened at my baby girl Dani's birthday party at Republiq last October 19. It was a double celebration as Miss Sixty/Energie also held the 3rd leg of their party series! Hitting 2 birds in one stone I love it.;) Thanks Mikyle for the photos!

Dani Barretto the bday girl with Cheyz and Miko!

with mah loves Tracy

fun times with Tracy, Cheyser, Dani, Mikyle, Ed and Miko

with Ms. Ayet of Energie and Miss Sixty!

Epic night. I need not divulge what happened but I went home buzzed. Haha. I do know my limit though and Mich picked me up:) Crazy fun. Happy Birthday again Dani baby and congratulations to Energie and Miss Sixty for another successful event!:)) Til the next one!

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