Bundle of Joy

I'm dead tired right now. Just logged into my computer to send some photos and make a  quick post. Was supposed to work and blog from the bazaar, but we were busy the whole day plus there was not enough space to settle and setup our laptops:( Anyway, it's the last day tomorrow! Hope to see you my beloveds at the Bazaar for all Seasons, Centris (along Edsa before Trinoma). Thanks to everyone who dropped by earlier! Love you all!;) Too tired to compose a decent random post or featured post (Premio blogger dinner coming up next), so I'll just leave you with my 2-day old outfit photos! Taken during my overnight visit at the parentals.:)

Primadonna top, Chic Boulevard shorts, Bedazzle bangle, Twinkies zipper bracelet, Esprit watch, High Style Fancy red heels

Spent All Soul's Day in Marikina with my parents and siblings. We recently got a dog and we've been spoiling him like crazy! My dad has been using this cutie pie as a secret weapon to lure us into visiting them. He even refer to Satu, our dog, as his "apo" or grandchild. His exact words, "Ate d ba kayo uwi Marikina? Andito pamangkin niong si Satu". And fine okay we admit, it's enough to make us come running home! Especially Mich. Hay naku spoiled! He's so adorable I wanna wear him around my neck 24/7. Gaaaah!

Even my too-cool-to-care (aka anti-social) brother got caught up in this cutefest! He's such a huge furry ball of positive energy. Hehe. I hope this fondness brings about a new bundle of joy to my sister and her hubby soon! Totoong baby naman! Pray for them pls:) 
Anyway, have to cut this short. Need to rest stat. I'm crashiiing. Hope to see more of you tomorrow! Happy Sunday!:))

P.S. Got featured in Unica Hija's Magalog! Also styled it:)
 (free and available at all Unica Hija stores)
 thanks to my sister and cousin for doing this! Thanks Kenneth Hidalgo for the photos!

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  1. oh my! ang cuuuute ng mga mata ng asa niyo! @@
    parang stuffed toy lang. so adorable!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! super cute Satu! Bring Satu here in Cebu...hahaha! IMY! Congratulations nga pala sa feature! :D

  3. HAHAHA Sorry mag comment dapat me pero nacopy paste ko yun rereply ko dapat sa buyer sa Multiply hahahaha! ;D Ang cute ng doggie, yun lang dapat sabihin ko ... And supeeer pagod kahapon :s See you later! ;p

  4. galing ng magazine styling again!:) love the pop of red sa outfitey!

  5. Cutie patootiie dog!!!!


  6. Your puppy is to die for. huhu I wanna pinch it.


  7. Los zapatos son una maravilla.

  8. I love everything! Especially your top!


  9. Congrats with the feature! Love your red shoes and skirt!


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