Styling Stint: BANDS Magazine Anniversary Issue!

I still can't believe I got lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to style some of my favorite musicians. I even got a text from the people behind BANDS (Hi Jayson!) telling me the bosses and the artists really liked the turn out. Sana totoo! Haha. Anyway, here are the final photos plus some behind the scenes from this awesome awesome shoot.:)

Ana and Paul bought me my own copy! Awww sweet:)) If you wanna see their full interviews buy na, it's P28 lang!:) Here are behind the scene photos!

First up was Chicosci! Individual profiles + 1st group shot.

And then it's the cover boys' turn! Individual shots...
Ian Tayao of Queso / Wilabaliw

Yael Yuzon of Spongecola


Ian Tayao + Gloc-9
My close friend / awesome photographer Darrel Pobre!

always fun working with Kaye!


an old copy of Bands Mag lying around. hehe. Can you spot Ian Tayao?

Miggy Chavez of Chicosci

1st Group Cover Shot!
it's so cool seeing them bond. they're all friends off cam!

Miggy Chavez, Yael Yuzon, Ian Tayao, Gloc-9

Yael lost a lot of weight so we had to clip his jacket to death. Hehe

they got the money shot! Woot.

Chicosci Group Shot Round 2!!!
Mong Alcaraz, Miggy Chavez, Ariel Lumanlan, Calde Calderon, Macoy Estacio

It's a wrap with Chicosci! Yey!

I wasn't able to take photos of the cover boys' 2nd layout but here we are after!:)
Aisa and Gloc-9 moments = Priceless. Hehe!

Okay, kill me now but Mich wasn't able to take photos of the band Malay. Soweee. But we were able to capture how much fun the new teen band She's Only Sixteen were having during the shoot! They so cuuuute. They so young. They so baby. Hihi.

Anjo Silvoza, King Puentespina, Andrew Panopio, Roberto Sena

 ay actually 5 sila, girl vocalist nila! Ay si Kaye lang pala yun! Haha

After 6 hours of shooting, it's a wraaaaap!
Bands Magazine team with She's Only Sixteen:)

Thanks again Jayson and the rest of the Bands mag team for trusting us. Sa uulitin!:) And again, Happy Anniversary!


  1. Hahaha love this post! pa grab ng mga picturesss :)
    xx, Kaye

  2. Looks awesome! I wish I could shoot at Bands as well! Sounds like such a fun experience!

  3. Homaygad! Nahawakan ni Kaye si Yael!!! *dead* hahahah


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