Back to Tradition: PAPILLO Fine Stationers Launch

I'm a huge fan of stationaries. Just ask my Mom. I nearly got bitten by our neighbor's dog during one of our stationary exchange session (umamin na ang ginagawa to dati hehe). I have one whole envelope of stationaries (in all sizes and designs), a collection since I was in grade school. I was able to keep it until Ondoy happened. I lamented over my loss for days. I'm also a huge fan of notebooks! I'm not even kidding. I have I think more than 15 stored in the cabinet (mostly from events and random trip to bookstores). I can't seem to give them away. I think it's because it was my only escape, it was an effective outlet that helped me deal with myself when I was still an emo kid (o don't judge haha). I also use notebooks to talk to my friends when I was in highschool (we have this one thick notebook we pass around, where we write random stuff) and I still have them! Memories:) Anyway, I know we've grown to a cool new era run by intelligent machines. But I will willingly go back to journals and writing (using a pen!) anytime. I miss the old notebook and pen writer me. I felt more alive, the emotions more real then. *sigh*

So why the long intro? Haha. Well, a few days ago I attended Papillo Fine Stationers launch! I got so giddy from all the cute stationaries, notebooks, and other stuff that were displayed. See for yourself!

Papillo aims to bring back traditional writing through their thoroughly thought of and top quality products:) Papillo is the brainchild of the gorgeous and talented Trish Panlilio. :) Photos from the launch!

Celine Gabriel of ARC:)

cute notebooks/planners!

Brought this home! I need this in my cluttered life right now.


so cuuute!

They also make personalized invitations!

Christmas is here!
Christmas themed notepads and cards

keychain notepads!

the pretty Trisha Panlilio:)

look what we got!

Paul got this and gave 2 of the pads to Ana and me! Thank yoou.

with mah loves Arnie, Paul and Krissy

What are you waiting for? Order na for your loved ones! Perfect gifts for Christmas:) Thank you Ms. Trisha for letting us into your gorgeous home and to ARC for the invite!:)

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Look for Emmylou or Daisy!:)

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