Discovered Gem: Fresh Fragrance Bar!

It was only recently that I grew a penchant for perfumes. All my life I've been ordered by my dermatologists (I have recurring atopic dermatitis) to stay away from perfumes or just about anything scented (even soaps or lotions!). But ever since I started blogging, ever since I started attending events, I felt the need to wear a longer lasting scent. Colognes just don't do the job. Anywaaay, I discovered a hidden gem for all you perfume lovers out there!

They carry almost all brands of perfumes! They're also cheaper compared to department stores:)

 Plus they offer a reasonable payment plan!

Took home a bottle of D&B Light Blue:)
 Love the smell! It's not too heavy, it's perfect for everyday.:)

What's your favorite scent?

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