Hello, hello! It's almost 5am and I have an early morning styling job (for K) so I need to sleep now na! But first, here's a quickie (hehe) entry. Outfit shots from 2 weeks ago when I went to the very exclusive NARS x Andy Warhol event at Skye. Guests were asked to come in their best 60's inspired ensembles. Concocted (drinks? haha) mine in a rush so sana achieve naman! Photos!:)

The Closet Goddess dress, SM stockings

SUY satchel bag

I Am Girlie gold bracelet, A Boutique purple mod bangle

Primadonna oxford heels

So in love with this dress! So MOD, so Twiggy, so 60s. I really think I might have been born in the wrong era. Hehe. Anywaaay. I built my outfit around this cute swing dress from The Closet Goddess. It's also cute when worn without stockings and with flats! The purple bangle from A Boutique and my Primadonna oxford platform heels completed my look! Loving this cute vintage mini satchel bag from Suy too. :)

Will blog about the event next (plus Ana and Sarah's 60s outfits), but first here's a peek see at NARS' hip/artsy new collection inspired by Andy Warhol's pop art!

legendary visual artist Andy Warhol:)

to die for collection!

Will be blogging more tonight (will lessen my backlogs), and because I've missed all of you! Promiiiise. With all that is happening on and off the web, I hope you're still the amazing individuals you all are. I miss random posts and I promise to do more soon. Love you love you!:)

P.S. See you at the Bazaar for all Seasons this weekend? I'm selling my whole closet! Okay maybe not all, but most. Hehe. Will announce my free entrance winners later!

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P.P.P.P.S. Okay OA na kaka P.S! Waley na! Haha


  1. I seriously love your outfit. It screams for vintage or something. The black stockings made it more adorable. Lovin' the look :))
    -xoxo, FRANCES


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  2. The 60's does suit you! :)

    Oh and PPPPPS You have very nice eyes :) Just noticed!

  3. I hope I end up looking like that when I rush for outfits to wear! You look great in that dress :) and achieve naman the twiggy look you were going for :)

    P.S. Voted! :)

  4. Natawa naman me sa conconcted (drinks?) hahahahahah!

    1. lamo yaaan! use concocted in a sentence. masingit lang! haha

  5. I love your dress! :)


  6. So chic and mod! Love your entire ensemble!

  7. PPPPPPS. Charoott. Ang ganda ng outfitey!:)


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