NARS x Andy Warhol Collection Launch

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I attended the very posh NARS x Andy Warhol Color and Gifting Collection launch at Skye. I was with my clingys, Ana and Sarah. All the other people who were there are stylists, makeup artists, beauty editors and press people, so we just stayed in our posh corner (haha), people watched and ate a LOT. Saw  lots of familiar faces. :) 

Anyway, I've also mentioned that the new collection was inspired by Andy Warhol and his work which he is most known for, POP ART! It was a collaboration/match made in art and makeup heaven. The collection is a celebration of Andy's works of art and life-- colorful, vibrant, transcending. Got lost (in a good way) staring and ogling at his amazing works. Photos below!

cute setup!

Andy Warhol's iconic art pieces were put on display. Love love love them.
Last 6 photos are Andy's self portraits. Yes, including the one above in drag!:)

Hosted by Sarah Gaugler

Anna Canlas won best dressed!

Sarah won for being an early bird! Naks!

Marla of Rustans

When it was time to check out the products, everyone went cray cray! All I heard were ooohs and aaahs. Everyone loved it. It was so pretty I wanted to cry. Hee.

love the colors!

Gift sets

love these!

i also want the nailpolish and pouches!

can't get enough!

International NARS makeup artist, Marco Castro. He's so gwapo.

the looks he created! Love them!

hi ana!

feel na feel ko na 60s. hehe.

photobooth fun!

Product photos...
okay i want everythiiiing. 

Edie Sedgwick (60s wildchild and his muse) Gift Set!

Silver Factory Gift Set

Beautiful Darling Set

love this pouch!


*product photos from http://www.polishpolice.com*

Dear Santa, hope you're taking down notes! Heee. 

*Available at Rustans*

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  1. Ang saya talaga nito! :) Miss you girls! Clingys! Lol. To more Art events, hahaha feeling cultured! ;p


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