Sunshine in a Bottle

I'm back from the dead! Char. Was just super busy the past few days. Hehe. I'm also starting to reverse my abnormal body clock and so far so good! Been sleeping before 3 am for days now. Woot. I'm also working on my upcoming shoots so I'm mostly doing pullouts plus a few events. Will be styling "rock gods" next week so I'm super excited! Hope I don't get starstruck which often causes me to freeze. Heh. Anyway, more more kwento below, but first here are outfit photos from our Tagaytay trip c/o Fitflop! 

 Thanks Cheyser & Ana for the photos!

 Romwe yellow dress, Vintage belt, Unica Hija bangle, Kandi Treats bracelet, Celine ballet flats

Here's another way of styling this versatile dress! I decided to wear my new Fitflop Due ballet shoes with it! Also wore a denim vest coz it's chilly inside the coaster...

 Romwe dress, Forever 21 vest, Cotton On bag, Accessorize polka shades, Fitflop Due ballet shoes

Tea party vs 80s girly grunge. Which look do you like best?:)
Okay, on to my kwentos! I'm super looking forward to my Cambodia trip this November! Will be discovering the country for 5 days. Tracy suggested me to bring extra outfits to shoot. Pwede! Very very picturesque dun! Haha. Traveling on a budget as usual, can't wait to share them with you. This trip is the reason why I had to decline Nuffnang's invitation to be a speaker at their 1st blog congress!!! When I got the email I thought it was just a simple invite to attend, but when I read it (and it was quite sweet) my jaw dropped.

I feel so honored-- I'm supposed to speak after THE Maria Ressa! Haha. In a way, I felt relieved I won't be here coz the thought of speaking in front of 300 bloggers (from all niches) for 1.5 hours slightly terrifies me. Haha. But I'm pretty sure I'll do it given the chance again. I hope I'm more worthy then. Hehe. 

Anyway, it's Friday! Time to catch up with friends and family and get ready for the weekend. I'm spending mine with blog friends later (Dani's bday celebration). How will you spend yours? Love you all!:)


  1. I just love your yellow dress! I've been thinking of buying myself lately. The denim vest is such a nice touch to pair with your sweet dress. :)


    Have you joined my birthday giveaway yet? Click this link to get a colorful, floral bustier dress! Goodluck! :)


  2. i love how you styled that beautiful neon dress Ms.Aisa!!! very chic!!

    good luck on your Cambodia trip! pictures :)

    ps: there is always a next time :)


  3. Yey! Gusto ko din tong yellow dress nato, pang first date with Jic.. Chos! ;p Panalo din yung talk, naaalala ko yun acting natin hahahaa!

  4. So excited for your Cambodia trip, too! That's on my bucket list! Congrats on being invited as a speaker for Nuffnang! You totally deserve it. =)

  5. nice blog aisa... you inspired me to blog too:) tc

  6. super ganda your dress! ang sarap nya isuot :) anyways have fun on your trip! sayang di ka makakpagspeak, you're one of the few who inspired me panaman in blogging :)
    The Bargain Doll

  7. ganda ng dress ganda ng shots!!:)) anong cam yan!!me like!!:) sayang pro im sure may mas bongga pa darating!


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