Styling Stint: Callalily Flower Power Album Shoot

Hello Callalily fans, or non fans. By the end of this post, I'm sure most of you would end up as converts. Heh. Anyway, their new album Flower Power was officially launched last Friday (I was there! Were you?). It was one of the most challenging shoots I've ever done. I had a blast styling the boys with my very funny partner Kelly Medina (who's Kean's stylist by the way). Here are photos from our scorching hot (as in literal guys) shoot at San Mateo, Rizal.

 final product! so proud!

have you seen this mini billboard at Eastwood?:)

So we were asked to come up with outfits that are Hipster-ish. I think it's one of the vaguest peg ever. You can't really define hipsters, or their style. But I think we still achieved whatever look they were going for?

the team

we should have bought beach umbrellas! Wawa the boys

 Kelly the chieftain. Haha.

payoooong.with our driver and guide. Thanks Kuya!

laughtrip si Kelly

bat ang cute kay Kean Kelly? haha

By the time the 1st layout ended, we were all dying of heat stroke na. Hehe.
guess who? hehe

Kelly and I didn't have umbrellas so we just stayed inside the car coz I was getting dizzy of the heat. But of course we always check on the boys and their outfits. 
the boys were still nice and playful even if they were dying from the heat too. Professional!

We took a short break to eat lunch and then resumed with the shoot!
Soupstar and Universal Records people

Kelly and his neon clips haha

inet pero fun!

For the last layout, we drove further and stopped at an open road. The view was breathtaking! The smell, not so much.

my favorite photo! haha

The boys got extra energized when they learned it was the last layout! Kulet.

It's a wraaaap!

Semi outfit shots! While goofing around. Kahawa sila eh.
Next Jeans tribal top, Bench pants, House of Luxe necklace, Solo hat, Converse sneakers

Mood killer the garbage trucks! Alwaaays.

And took photos with the boys! Well, 2 of them. Hehe.
anong ganap? hahaha

Kelly and I with Kean and Aaron! Salamats!

I'm sure you could see how high the sun was based on the photos. Lol! I got 2 shades darker (yes possible pa pala yun shet! haha) but it was worth it! They were so nice, easy to work with and Kelly is just sunshine in a bottle. Naks. Can't wait to see the actual album!:) Hope you all bought copies na!:) Congratulations Callalily for your new album and your successful launch! Flower Power!:)


  1. Callalista ako dati, way back when I was in hs. I often watch their gigs before. And I think you're right, ako'y nagbabalik-loob na bilang Callalista ulit! Thanks Ms. Aisa for this post. Kulit mo po, obvious po sa posts e. hehe. *New reader here. :))

    Zhel S. :)

  2. bought their album online from music store and never dissappoint me..stunning tracks from the album..


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