Sun Cellular: The Good Choice

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I’ve worked in the corporate world for 6 years. Fresh out of college I immediately accepted an offer to work for one of the best banks in the country, BPI. I’ve always pictured myself working with one of the most prestigious companies in the Philippines ‘til my hair turns gray. I was all for stability. But working in a bank, I realized there has got to be more to life than counting other people’s money (I was a teller). I realized it wasn’t my niche, we were not a perfect match. So I took a chance and resigned, without any plans and without a new job. 

After a month, I found myself working for one of the country’s most popular retail chain, Robinsons. This has got to be one of the turning points in my career and my life.  It opened the portal to my dreams.  I finally got the job that fits my personality and the pay was not that bad. I would say it was this job, this place, that molded me—personally and professionally.  It was the best training ground for dreamers like me. My job as an Assistant Buyer/Category Officer taught me how to deal with people, how to say no, how to handle stress, how to be creative, how to be a quick thinker, and most of all, how to love and breathe fashion. As Buyers, we were required to dress up everyday and research trends to be able to come up with the best merchandise for the buying public. I strongly believe this is where I discovered my personal style and my fondness in fashion and shopping. Haha. It’s hard to control it when you’re practically in the mall everyday! 

 with my Robinsons friends and co-workers

I stayed there for almost 2 years, but sometimes, you mature, and your priority shifts. I realized I want more than a happy, challenging workplace, I wanted to save and it’s utterly unattainable if I stay there.  So I heeded my friend’s/ex co-worker’s call and applied for a job at the company they’ve all transferred to—Branders.com, an American company that specializes in promotional products.

I got accepted as a Merchandising Assistant at first and then promoted to Category Supervisor within a few months. After a year, I was transferred to the Marketing department where all my professional  traits were challenged (haha) and put to use. For the duration I was there, I felt nothing but love and appreciation for the job I had. Working was a breeze, my co-workers were awesome, and I was compensated WELL. 

merch team:)
With some spare time, I finally opened my online vintage store on Ebay at first and then on Multiply as Archive Clothing. After work, I’d go thrifting for stocks, have the clothes repaired and then spend hours modeling and shooting them. 

grabbed from Ana
It was also the time I created my blog, a place where I can store my poems and stories where I’d never lose them. 

my blog!
I started to join fashion communities like Chictopia.com and started to gain readers. When I became Chictopia’s Style Icon (which was not easy!) that’s when I finally decided to take the biggest leap of my life. 

After weeks of soul searching and consultation with friends, I finally decided to bid my comfort zone goodbye, turn my back on the corporate world, and embark on a hazy but exciting journey. I accepted a full-time online job as a virtual assistant for an SEO company based in New York and enrolled in fashion school while continuously updating my blog.  I took a crash course in styling at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines without any expectations. I just wanted to finally do it and cross it off my bucket list. When I did, I didn’t know it’d eventually lead to silver linings and gold mines. It’s true when they say, the best things come when you least expect it.:) 

styling class
On our last day at FIP, my teacher (who I was not really close with) called me and my friend Jear and told us that out of his 15 students, he chose the 2 of us to represent him and our school as applicants for the Associate Fashion Editor position for METRO Magazine. I was dumbfounded coz I never even thought he noticed  my works. To cut the long story short, I got the job! But sadly, I had to let it go. Call me stupid but I never regretted that crazy choice I made, if it meant I’d be able to keep my store, my blog and my life.

Fast forward to now, after a year of building my portfolio, I’m now constantly styling for broadsheets, magazines and client.  

Philippine Star
My blog has also evolved, like it has its own life! My blog’s “success” deserve its own story. Also, my online store is still alive and okay. I’ve never been this overworked in my life, but I’ve also never been this happy. 

I attribute all this to the choices I made. They might not be all right, but I believe they were the best at those crucial points in my life.  My work practically entails me to be online 24/7. Since my work is my passion, I need a reliable broadband that could keep that fire going. I literally die when I get crappy service. Thank you internet gods for SUN Cellular!

I’ve been using SUN since I was in Robinsons. It was my 1st postpaid line, and for P350 you also get a free phone! We needed SUN to be able to call our suppliers anytime, anywhere, as long as we wanted. I think them inventing the UNLIMITED plans and services was GENIUS. If I remember correctly, they were also the 1st network that offered low or promo IDD rates! When it comes to staying connected online, I use SUN as a backup whenever my primary line screws up.  But I always end up using SUN frequently than my primary line! It’s more reliable, it connects faster and they offer  services that fits your specific needs!  They have plans for different needs and lifestyle: http://www.suncellular.com.ph/postpaid_choose_a_plan.php. I always get the bundle, the one with unlimited text/call plus Unlimited internet! You can even choose a plan with free phone.;) SUN has a P1,500 plan inclusive of freesun-to-sun call/text, Free 60 minutes IDD call to 10 countries, Unlimited mobile internet, Unlimited local landline and free 250 SMS. Other network offer less services for the same price! With sun, you get more value for your hard earned money. It’s perfect  for people on a budget, like me. So go with the good choice, do the switch, switch to SUN.:)


  1. you're such an inspiration aisa. <3 truly...i'm not joking. i left the corporate world in 2010 to supposedly pursue a fashion-related career but i didn't know where to start. i took up a marketing position in my sister's ad agency but it didn't satisfy my creative wants..i went back in 2011 because i had to save money..

    now, i've decided to leave the BPO industry again and this time, i'm feeling good about it. i want to pursue my passion in arts and realized it's not only fashion i'm passionate about.

    i need your multi-tasking powers though.LOL. you're the queen of multi-tasking after all.

    ps. you gave me an idea to enroll in FIP. will do next yr! yey!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  2. i love your story :) very inspiring for someone like me. it's my first job, when i was still studying, i thought this was what i wanted. but now that im actually here, i feel like quitting every single day. I know i love fashion, but i don't think i have enough skills and fashion sense to do good in that business. but i know i want a job that is related to fashion. it's quite depressing. but after reading your story, i felt hopeful again. you waited 6yrs to finally do whatever you want to do. so maybe I just have to be patient :) thankyou ate pax :)

  3. I agree! Sun is a good choice. Affordable plans with unlimited calls and text. It's nice to read your work history. Just like you, hopefully, I would be able to work something related to fashion. Take care pax!


  4. I love this post! :) Alam ko na kwentong buhay mo like your work life, but visual person ata talaga ako naenjoy ko na may kasama nang photos now! :) Grabe din pala patalon talon mo ng career since you graduated! :)

  5. hi ms. Aisa,

    thank you for this post, such an inspiration to me, who's an amateur stylist. I have been inquiring for styling lessons here at FIP-Cebu but there sked does not meet mine. It's nice in Manila because the skeds in the net are actually the skeds that they follow. More power! You're a true inspiration.


  6. so nice naman, ka-pressure ka! hahaha :)

  7. Congratulations on the big leap! :)


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