Let It Rain + Love Packages

As seen in my previous post, wore this outfit to the UNICEF Auction for Action press preview. It was rainy that day so I wore my newly thrifted trench coat. Opted to wear flats coz I didn't want to look too dressy or overdressed and I wanted to look chic but still comfortable. Wore my new dress from Chic Boulevard!

Chic Boulevard dress, Thrifted coat, Bubbles necklace, Unica Hija bangle, The Ramp loafers

This dress is perfect for parties or events but you can also wear it to business meetings or the office, just wear a coat over it! Thank you Chic Boulevard for this pretty dress:) And truth be told, I now have a slight obsession for coats. Yes, even if we live in a tropical country. Haha. I think they're a great outfit upper (is that even a term? lol)! Can't wait to visit my favorite thrift shops and hoard more coats. Heh.

And now, here are love packages I got that I still haven't blogged about!
pretty sparkly pumps from Lorrein Lara!

colorful tops from Desino Dulce

bags and accessories from Therapy Bags!

cute clothes from Hollymoon

arm candies from Wear Mauve!

clothes and accs from Bubbles

Accs from Coloratti

more arm candies from Bedazzle

love my new loafers from So Fab!

kickass shirt from Nick Automatic. Thanks Niche!

cute ipod cases from Cases for your Gadgets:)

leather bracelet from Le Papillon :)

Prodigy watch from Meister fam!:)

Mooncake fest loots from Ensembles, Freeway, Solo!:)

the most stylish, cutest flower arrangement EVER from Tecson Flowers.:)

That's it for now!:) More stories later or tomorrow. Have tons to tell you!:)


  1. it's raining goodies!:) love the so fab loafers!

  2. Hi Aisa :)

    Thanks so much for featuring our clothes :) You look lovely as usual :)

  3. Love love love your loafers!

  4. Very very pretty!:)


  5. I love the Nick Automatic shirt and the thrifted coat!


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