UNICEF's Auction for Action 2012

Two weeks ago, September 19 to be exact, I got invited by UNICEF Philippines to an exclusive sneak peek/press preview of their upcoming Auction for Action 2012. For this special activity (in celebration of the 20th year of National Children's Month), Unicef teamed up with Unicef's Special Advocate for Children Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez. The online auction features an interesting mix of design pieces to help raise funds for disadvantaged children in the Philippines and worldwide. Here are photos from that day!

I was given a name tag, a catalog and a press kit. When I got there I didn't know anyone, which was liberating in some way. I felt honored being there.:)

Unicef's Chief of Communications Ms. Angela Travis giving a hearty introduction

Unicef Country representative Tomoo Hozumi explaining about the project

He explained that contrary to public perception, UNICEF solely relies on voluntary donations by individuals, private companies and the government. So they need all the help they can get to help disadvantaged children especially in far flung, hard to reach areas. Proceeds from the auction will go towards education, health & nutrition, protection and emergency programs.

Unicef's Special Advocate for Children Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez presented each item for auction

Ms. Daphne worked on this collection for months. She asked her artist and designer friends to donate 1-2 of their amazing works. Some of them even created art pieces in conjunction with this collection's theme which is "PLAY" or the "right of children to play".   “Playing is a basic right of every child, and its importance to a child’s well-being and healthy development cannot be over-emphasized. It also lends itself well as a theme for our premiere artists to work with,” adds Daphne. So if you're an art enthusiast, a collector or a children's right advocate, bid and buy from the 80+ one-of-a-kind pieces made by notable Filipino artists and designers.:)

a Daphne chair is also up for grabs!

sorry but I just had to take a photo of her beautiful shoes. hehe.

Here are the other gorgeous pieces up for auction!
Gregoria White Chair by Ito Kish. Pang snow queen I like!

Ms. Librarian by HEIMA! super cute!

Vomit Boy by JJ Zamoranos and Slapstick by Epjey Pacheco

Fly Up by Michael Cacnio. 
I want this but this is P120k!!! Made of brass and glass. So purdy.

Byron Flower by Isabel Roxas and Closeness by Orlina


Karuzel by Danny del Sol. 
So delicate coz it's a carved ostrich egg!!! Super nice. P90k+

Garapata by Dex Fernandez. Cute noh???:)

Square (table) by Vito Selma. Looove.

Pout by Debbie Palao. 
cute red chair that looks like it's pouting!

Crayola by Debbie Palao. 
Its made of colored interchangeable wood but super soft when you sit on  it!

Pinoy/Pinay bike by Kawayantech
The small one has no pedal so that the child could focus more on balancing daw than pedaling.
 Let Them Dream by Daniel dela Cruz
cute brass/copper statue, a depiction on how children play superhero. So cute.

Coconut purse by Aranaz and Sayuri necklace by Nicole Whisenhunt

Arjuma Pendant by Joyce Makitalo and Double Happiness Cuff by Janina Dizon

love the heart shaped stones!:)

Amorphuous by Paul Syjuco and Cocoon Hoops nu Kristine Dee

You can also bid on the gorgeous Jewelmer golden south sea pearl necklace Ms. Daphne was wearing!!!:)

i am seriously thinking of bidding for this but san ko sha ilalagay. Hehe!

UNICEF's Tomoo Hozumi, Angela Travis and Daphne Osena-Paez

with new blogger friend Sofie!

with Ms. Angela

with Ms. Daphne! and our matching shoes. Hehe.

The auction is now open!!! You can now bid on your favorite furnitures and art pieces by clicking this link: http://stores.ebay.ph/unicefph. You have until October 7 to bid. Goodluck!!! All for the kids. All for the kids:) 

In the Philippines for over sixty years, UNICEF works through partners to reach disadvantaged children and communities to ensure children are healthy, educated and protected from harm. UNICEF is quick to respond in emergencies to ensure affected communities are reached and provided with services from local governments and other service providers. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. For more information about UNICEF and its work visit www.unicef.ph

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