Fitflop Due Launch at Sonyas, Tagaytay!

I originally planned to make 2 blog entries for this, but since I have a gazillion backlogs (hehe) I decided it would be faster if I just put everything in one post. So here goes! Went to Sonyas Garden, Tagaytay 2 weeks ago with the FITFLOP team, several blogger loves and press people for an exciting weekend getaway + the launch of Fitflop's newest collection! It was one of the best blogger events I've ever been to. Sweeear. This is how you do it guys. Hehe. Kwento thru photos!

we love our service! cozy!

Laira of Fitflop briefing the bloggers

my busmate

breakfast at The Boutique! Fancy!

us being bloggers hehe

the breakfast club!

Now prepare to drool...
instagram galore!

After our hearty breakfast, filled with laughter of course, we then headed to our crib for the weekend... the very charming Sonyas Garden!

some ladies and gents from Fitflop greeted us and carried our bags. so spoiled!

wow! we feel so special hehe.

Mother Earth, Tracy, Ana, Mark and Cheyser:)

at this point we were like children in candyland. super excited. hehe

so serene:)

happy kids???

lost in paradise ang peg ni Mark. hehe

ikaw na cute Mark! hehe

wearing the same sunnies from Forever 21. emoteras. haha

We were then ushered to the main hall for a general assembly. They served us their signature dalandan juice (which was heavenly) and then we were given our room assignments.

happy campers! excited to see our room!

Cheyser loves her bed.  This is what we call the China corner. Hehe.

books all over the room

our room! while we were sleeping taken by Mother Earth:)

one of our 2 bathrooms.

sweet treats waiting for us! aww

i love personalized press kits:)

We had an itinerary to follow, so we had to cut our picture taking session. We gladly headed to the spa house for our much needed massage and pampering treat. This is the life. Hehe.

We all came out of our private room, relaxed and ready to snooze. But first.. more more picture taking! Haha!

I skipped the pasta cooking demo, but I had the chance to taste it and it was delicious! I should have watched. Heh. Afterwards, we went back to our room to recharge and freshen up. And then it was dinner and presentation time! :)

happy foundation day to me. sorry ang hirap mag powder pag yellow yung lights! Haha.

love the setup:)

the new collection of ballet shoes - I love them!:)

cute table setting:)

we were serenaded by kuya while eating. galeng!

Prepare to drool again!
i had 3 servings of this. Grabeee. all of these are organic and grown in their green houses. Niiice.

appetizer. omg we devoured this like wolves. Haha. The pesto dip was our fave

create your own pasta!

dessert. taragon tea and chocolate cake.

Now on to the program!
forgot the host's name but she was amazing! you all should hire her!!!

Opening remarks by Fitflop's manager Ms. Melody Nubla:)

every table has this screen and we simultaneously watched a short video introducing the new collection, Due Flats! We love it!

very informative and fun talk by the very fabulous image consultant, Ms. Vicky Abraham. 

So in summary, Fitflop has a new collection, the Due Flats!:) This is perfect for girls who wants style AND comfort! The mini wedge also adds a little height. More height, more confidence. Agree? You could totally run in these babies. Swear.

my favorite is the red one! its classy and it looks good with everything.

After the presentation, we just had to try everything on. Haha. The crowd favorite is the 2-toned one. :)

Anyway, it ended early and of course being the adventurous kids (yes bagets?) that we are, we huddled and deliberated how we'd spend the rest of our night. Mother Earth asked permission for her babies (thanks Mother!) and after an hour (and our mini tea party) we were out and about!:)


We went home after midnight, but the fun didn't end there. Haha. Tracy, Cheyser, Ana and I continued our girl bonding and chika'd til 4am! Oveeer. Love you girls:) 

breakfast was amazing too! drooling right now. and finally, we had meat! haha

siesta time after brekky! haha. si tracy nakisiksik talaga samin. wahaha

After our mandatory outfit photos, we sadly left our gorgeous weekend abode:( So long sweet room, so long sweet Sonyas!:) Passed by their souvenir shop where I went cray cray. I wanted to buy everything! If you love spa products then this is heaven on earth for you. Haha.

bought one! effective naman! hehe

i want this! yes it's for sale for P5k. hehe.

So practically you could buy spa products here-- massage oil, room & linen spray (which I bought), homemade balms, accessories,  tarragon tea leaves, mosquito repellants, different oils for relaxation, hair products too! I had to buy their addictive and famous gugo shampoo! I still use it now. I also bought a bottle of Hairmore. I'm on this not so secret quest to thicken my hair. I'll let you know if it's effective.

cute lounge areas. lakas maka diwata/encantadia ng peg!


kuya was kind enough to give us samples of their cheese bread. OMG, I DIED. I took some home to Mich and she died too. Ansarap swear. 

We left Sonyas Garden with smiles on our faces. But the trip didn't end there! Our last stop was Bag of Beans for lunch and a coffee making seminar. :)

nakakalulang buffet. so many choices din for Ana who's a vegetarian:)

my happy plate. in fairness masarap lahat!

We had  30 minutes before the seminar, so how did we spend it? More outfit shots. Lol.
buwis buhay yesss

girls of Style Manila! Hello!:)

Mark Buenaobra of Stylebible!:) So kyooot:)

couldn't help it! i just had to wear my new Fitflops as soon as I got them.

we were introduced to different varieties of coffee beans! 

bag of beans.:)

coffee making demo!

Ended our trip with coffee and cookies. Just perfect:)
Thank you Bag of Beans!:)

Thanks again to the Fitflop team for taking such good care of us. I hope this won't be the last! Wishful thinking. Hehe. Thanks Laira!:))

For updates & to know where to buy them, follow Fitflop!

Sonya's Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near Tagaytay City)
For reservations, call or text: +63-9175329097 / +63-9175335140 / +63-9175231080
E-mail: info@sonyasgarden.com
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