Channeling Kristen Stewart

Amplified of course, with a mix of vintage. Nothing spells nautical like anchors or stripes, and nothing spells Kristen Stewart than a tank top, short shorts, sneakers and messy one sided hair! So here I am wearing the best of both trends! Wore this on our 2nd day in Ilocos. Chose this look coz it's my most beach ready outfit set from the bunch. I just removed my jacket during our trek to Kabigan Falls and during our lazy day out in the beach. :)

Forever 21 denim anchor jacket & leopard shades, Thrifted shorts, Frou Frou belt, Shulong sneakers

Broke the blue, white, red nautical color staples by wearing a neon belt and using my Shulong sneakers now with neon green shoelaces! That's it, bow. Haha. In fairness to this jacket, I can wear it sa beach coz the material is very light. Notice how my Shulong sneaks look worn out na din! These photos were taken after our maputik (in english: mud filled, haha) trek. Everyone wore slippers, but I'm really REALLY glad I wore sneaks! Didn't feel the rocks AT ALL. I tried walking in my Bling Duck flipflops but the rocks/stones were sharp so it was mejo painful. More photos on my next Ilocos post!:) Toodles. xo

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  1. Love the outfit! Simple yet Fab! :)


  2. Cute! Hahaha! Love the style. Especially yung hair. :) Kering-keri! Where's your Robert Pattinson? :)


  3. ay bet ko this outfitey! I like cool casual and comfy outfits. lalo na pagtrips, kasi mas madali kumilos :) Ang pretty mo pax! :) Hope to see you again! :)

  4. hard to match those two clothes but you were doing great!

  5. I really love the sneakers and very K Stew!

  6. This look is amazing. Full of colors, patterns and textures. What's written on your shorts btw? :D

    x Diana

  7. sooo K. Stew :))

  8. Inferrr I like this!! ♥ Haha very very fasyon til Ilocos. You go girl!!

  9. gandaraaa! :) bet ko ang halfsmile/nga nga pose haha :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll


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