BENCH / DIMENSIONE: Magis Wonder Puppy + SiHae in Manila!

I will just make one blog post for Bench's events the past week!:) I had fun, as always, and overjoyed that I was part of both momentous occasion. First stop: The SiHae Manila Invasion!!! It was held at Trinoma's Activity Center. I was planning to skip this event (for work) but my sweet (haha) blog friends dragged me, and I'm glad they did! It was CRAZY! Tinalo pa ata nila ang fans ni Joe Jonas, I swear. I've seen their billboards at the Guadalupe bridge but honest lang, I didn't know who they were. Now I know!!! Super bigtime pala. I can't say I'm now a fan, but I do find them cute and adorable!:) Hands down to their fans called ELFs for waiting for HOURS. That's what you call dedication! Here are photos from that awesome day dedicated to Si Won and Dong Hae Manila ELFs! (other photos from Ana and Paul)

taken when they suddenly returned on stage to pose for the fans and take a photo of them! The Super Junior pose!


while waiting, we've got the best seat!

Si Won and Dong Hae being interviewed by Jinri Park

everyone swooned when they said Salamat and Mahal Ko Kayo! 

cute shot! Arnie, Ana and Tracy kept waving to get their attention...it was a success! Haha.

their photo op with our favorite Mr. Ben Chan and Bench's VP:)

10 lucky fans were lucky enough to get the chance to meet them onstage and have signed shirts!:) They even got hugs and handshakes. Aww.

SiHae with their ELFs and Bench owner & VP:)

cute photo they posted on their twitter account. Awww so cute!


Here's their campaign! Love the styling and clothes!

 Congrats again Bench for an amazing 25 years in retail and for the super successful launch!:)

Next was the Dimension Secret Fresh x Magis Wonder Puppy Launch! It was held at Dimensione, The Fort. Here are photos from the event!

with Arnie, Ana and Rovie

Korean ang peg with my boyfriend Virgil -- charot

Mr. Ben Chan talking to Status Magazine's Rosario Herrera!

with Arnie, Ana and Paul

Hello kumagcow!:)

kyot niong mag bff!

anong nagaganap? haha

ana and her wine



love my gf!

pretty girls keigh and arnie

And then the program started!
host Patty Laurel

The Magis Puppy was designed by Eero Aarnio, a Finnish designer and great innovator of modern furniture design. Coolio.

Presenting the artists who gave their own Magis Wonder Puppy interpretations:)

video presentation introducing each artist and their inspiration for their designs as an interpretation of their vision of today's world.:)

While waiting for the crowd to simmer down after the unveiling of the collection, I snapped photos of cute items inside the furniture store...

And now here are the puppies!!!
Artists: Electrolychee, Farley Del Rosario, Jagnus Design Studio, Mimi Tecson, Nemo Aguila, Wesley Valenzuelas, Whoop and Tripp63
 The Green Guardian by Farley Del Rosario
 Tattoo by Whoop

Ponkan by Nemo Aguila

Ponkan by Ana Gonzales.. charot! Bumabarney si Ana!

Rally by Mimi Tecson

Sta. Cruz by Wesley Valenzuela
Stray by Jagnus Design Studio
The Anti-Monochrome Puppy by Tripp63
 Upo’ng Otso Sinkwenta Lamang by Electrolychee 

 field trip pose muna!
 Again, congrats Bench team for a wonderful and successful event! We all went home inspired by the art we saw, so many inspirations in one place:) Til the enxt one! I want my own Magis Wonder Puppy!!! Asa. Lol.
Here's a photo of my event mates! Haha. Love you guys! 
 paul, ana, arnie, tracy


  1. Are these pics taken using your PEN- camera na ba Ms. Pax?
    I'm planning on buying the same cam din eh! Want to ask if it's good, can capture some good shots and memories ala camwhoring tulad ko.. :)


  2. Tawang tawa ako sa lahat ng pics ng puppies andun ako hahahaha, Barney forever! ;D
    Miss you guys already, kaya naman enjoy ang event kung ganitong kaguley hahaha :D

    1. hahahaha miss you too na din!!! ikaw na ang artist gn lahat ng dogs! waehehe

  3. Happy birthday Ms. Aisa! :) wishing you all the best..

  4. Havey tong post na to!! More more tawa at kulit! Love you guys!!

  5. :) Wish ko lang sana may repeat itong event haha

    hello Aisa! =)


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