7 for All Mankind

A few weeks ago, I visited 7 For All Mankind's Greenbelt store, together with my blog sisters Ana and Tracy! Riot ensued afterward! Haha. Here are photos from our visit, mostly of my picks from their collection!:)

dani's pick!
took home the leopard print pants!
cute dress!
love this metallic jeans!
Ana's pick: Ombre denim top!
cute printed pants!
metallic pants!
cute shirts for men
colored shorts!
they also sell bags!
and cute shoes:)
also belts
support group, Ana and Tracy!
 they helped me choose which top and bottom to take home!:) bet!

the field  trip pose!

Thanks again 7 For All Mankind for choosing me as one of your brand influencers! Sana may naiinfluence naman. Haha! Check out 7FAM's accounts below and follow them too!

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  1. Hahahaha to moremore field trip pose everywhere! :) Sana next time sa byahe na! :) Pero ipon pala muna me hahaha! :D Love the ombre shirt nga very kelly medina diy! ;P


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