Styling Stint: Saab Magalona for KOTEX

Last month or was it 2 months ago? I styled Saab Magalona for her KOTEX End of Compromise ad. Had fun doing it! I was given a certain budget to shop clothes for her, so it was easier than my other styling gigs. Yey. Here are photos from the shoot (asked Kotex for permission) starting with moi outfitey...

okay ako na lagi may kausap sa phone...kahit nagooutfit shot!
Cotton On tanktop, Thrifted blazer, Bench pants

Le Papillon bracelet

So Fab loafers

Another one of my late-nagising-walang-masuot look. The blazer made all the difference! Also wore my ever reliable bench pants and so fab loafers. I should really stop abusing them. Hee.
 So...back to the shoot!
Saab and Ms. Pia Magalona were so nice!

checking out the photos


 Her 1st look --casual chic

with blower effect

Saab looking fresh!

2nd layout - nightout. Saab looks gorgeous!

with blazer as option

it's a wrap! 

I'm not sure if the posters are out already, if you see them let me know!:) That's all for today! Heading out to shop with a prenup client/friend. Have a great rainy Saturday afternoon. Cuddle cuddle!:))

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  1. I super duper love saab magalona, idol :) Congrats with this styling stint! :)

  2. I am so getting those pants from bench!

  3. Wow! love your styling :D I love your Outfit here. I want the same loafers XD

  4. Kulit nung blower effect :P Hahaha. Love your pants, Paxie! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  5. Love your outfit and congrats with the styling stint! =)

  6. Love the clothes you shopped for Saab! Gondooo ang fresh!! HAHA Sana like you, pag bagong-gising-walang-masuot mode ako ganyan pa rin ka-bonggels! Lovettt!!

  7. Love this outfit! Just recently mo lng ba nbili yung loafers mo from so fab? I think i'm gonna buy the same kind!


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