Get Belofied!

Have you ever wondered how you'd look like with a slimmer face, nicer nose, fuller lips, toned stomach, etc? Wonder no more! The Belo Medical Group just came up with a new Ipad/Iphone app that lets you enhance your features by a few strokes of your fingers. Get ready to be BELOFIED!

I was delighted when I got invited to this very intimate BELO bloggers night. As in we were only 8-10 I think? I love intimate events:) BELO spoil their bloggers! It was held at KASBAH, The Fort Strip. The food was amazing and the ambiance was light and friendly. Post dinner, we were welcomed by the super gorgeous Cristalle Belo! As in we were just staring at her.

 She then introduced the brain behind the successful app, Mr. Al Galang!

 Cristalle and Al then dissected the app and showed us how to  use it...
even Kris Aquino is addicted!

you can view all the history of Belo and the services they offer!

 face contouring!

fuller lips!

slimmer face

smaller belly

Dra. Vicky Belo also revealed the procedures done by THE Fashion Pulis himself Mr. Michael Sy Lim and Cristalle. In fairness gandaaaa!

You can use this app anytime so you'd see how you would look after a procedure BEFORE it's actually done.

Of course the night won't be complete without a mini game! We were divided into 2 groups and were given Ipads with the same photo in it to enhance...Best result wins!

the other group

our group

Verniece editing away.

the other group won! they won cute gold bags and GCs I think hehe

Upon it's launch, in under 1 month, the BELOFIED app instantly became a hit and climbed the top spot on the Philippines Medical Apps and 17th worldwide! Wow!


They also introduced their newest Belo Essentials product, Anti Perspirant Deodorant!
ganda ni Toni G.

I'm now using this and I'm loving it!

budget friendly prices:)

Here's the answer to your underarm problem ladies! Their Underarm Whitening Cream! 

Dra. Vicky Belo and her gorgeous heiress Cristalle capping of the night:)

with Cristalle Belo and Angel of Lushangel:)

with Mr. Al Galang! (sorry hazy there were fingerprints pala sa lens, sad)

Thanks again to the Belo Group for a wonderful night! Til the next one:)

While I'm a huge fan of natural beauty, I also support enhancements. I mean, I don't see anything wrong with it. If you have the means and courage to go under the knife, if it will make you love yourself more and if it will make you feel more confident and happier then why not? But if you're not that sure, then this app is for you. So I suggest you guys try out the app and see for yourself the magical Belo touch! It's free anyway. :) Now excuse me as I try it out myself. I want a nose job! Haha!  Share me your photos!:)

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  1. Ang hightech! :D Feel ko masstarstruck ako sa Belos hehehe :) I wonder if I'll ever think of undergoing a procedure, scary but interesting!

  2. Indeed a lovely night! See you around!


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