The More the Merrier

...or the more the manyer. Nyaha. Anyway, I can't find my freakin' Lumix camera in our apartment (aka the Bermuda Triangle coz things just keeps disappearing, it's weird!) and my Supersale Bazaar weekend photos are in there. So thank you Jocel for taking shots of me and Ana, at least I get to post something! Heh. We should do this more often, take outfit shots in groups or duos or something. More fun! Less embarrasing. Lol. Here are the photos!

Thrifted denim shirt, Fashion Avenue shorts, Unica Hija bracelet & bag, Tangerine leapard booties

I was originally wearing a mullet skirt from Soul Lifestyle, but I kept on tripping and stepping on it. So I decided to change into this adorable shorts the owner of Fashion Avenue gave me when I passed by her booth:) Thank you!!! I love it..especially the rope belt that came with it! :) I also finally found a replacement bag for my overused H&M mini satchel-ish bag. Thank you Unica Hija! Been abusing this bag for days now. Heh.


 More more pics of us goofing around...
walking with Ana, Gerd and Kelly

Thanks girl! :)

 Will post Supersale Bazaar finds soonest. Thanks Ana in advance for the photos! Hehe. My battery died halfway through (I think my Lumix wants to finally be laid to rest). Booo. On that note, I wanna share with you guys an exciting news.....I bought a new camera!!! Well actually Mich bought it with her Citibank card (only Citibank offers 0% interest) and I'll be paying for it every month. Haha. But I'm so happy. Bought an Olympus PL-1 model and it's amazing! Thanks Ral for the reco:) Will share photos later! :)

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  1. ang saya2x nyo! inggit ako sa thrifted denim shirt na yan. perfect ang color at wash. :)

    missed reading your posts, ais. and oh i'm trying to find a solution already to that photobucket thingy on my photos. haha


  2. Yey, ang saya that day and I love the pictures! :) Love these kids na we were with, super laugh trip lang! :)

  3. love the first photo of you and ana! laki lang ng smile ni Ana! sobrang cute! :)

  4. haha yeah, outfit photos taken with someone else is less embarrassing and less awkward! cute candid shots! wish i can take photogs of you and ana together one day (para naman magamit ko yung photography workshop ko into good use haha) ;)

  5. Lovely pictures and looks:) Love the orange shorts:P


  6. The more the merrier talaga!! Haha miss you guys!!! Love your denim top talaga!


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