Flavors of Asia at Marriott Hotel

Okay, I won't even pretend to be a food expert by hurling technical words/terms at your faces. I am a foodie, yes, but I'm more of an eater than a cook! I can't cook for the love of God. So forgive me if I pepper this post with photos rather than nobela hits. Hee. Anyway, got invited to an exclusive blogger dinner last week at Marriott Hotel. It is to introduce to us their newest offer, Flavors of Asia buffet, which will run the whole month of July!:)

Bloggers gathered at The Den first for the mini presscon. I have never seen so many lifestyle bloggers in one place! :) After an hour, the 4 Asian chefs (the best from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam), which they flew in, were introduced. And then chaos ensued. Heh.

parang paparazzi lang! fashion bloggers ganito na daw tau dapat hehe

JW Marriott Bangkok's Thanatorn Krobsuay and his famous papaya salad.

 JW Marriott Jakarta’s Dadang Wahyudi and his famous skewers or satays.

 Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Ruhizad Muri and his specialty dish, beef rendang.

 Renaissance Riverside Saigon's Phan Tien Hoa and his specialty, vietnamese spring rolls!


For the mandatory ice breaker (hehe) they conducted a mini game! Since fashion bloggers are competitive in nature (haha) we all volunteered and participated. Shempre pasimuno na naman ako. Haha! We all joined thinking it will just be a simple connect the dots (connect the chef with his dishes) kind of game but we were wroooong. It was a buwis buhay memory game (what's with the buwis buhay games lately? tsk haha). Lol.

preparation haha

I was the last to play as tie breaker, we wooon! Pressure pala pag last shet. Thank you fellow bloggers for not taking a photo of me diving on the floor. Lol. We were awarded a bottle of wine...

...which we gave to our non-fashion blogger member (far right--he did all the identification). Thank you!

We were then led to the buffet area afterwards. Finally! Yahoo. But I hate you scandalous cough, I wasn't able to enjoy my gastronomic experience coz of you! had to stay away from too much chili or spicy food. And what is Asia without theeeeem! Booo. Badtrip so much:(

Japanese -- sashimi, MIso soup, tempuras. Ate tempura,miso and california maki--it's delish!

 I suddenly remembered my Vietnam trip. Haaay. Love the soup and the "okoy"! Ana and I had one made especially by the chef himself!

Satay! They have a tasty selection of chicken, shrimps, calamari, beef, goat, pork and fish in assorted marinations.

I was drawn to this station because it's the only station (aside from Thailand) that serves rice! Hehe. Saw my favorite Nasi Lemak (yum). Also got pork siopao (forgot what it's called but I loved it!).

Thailand (my fave!)
Thank you Thai station for the rice! Hehe. Love the bagoong rice. Woot.

Hot Dishes section...
Loved the Chicken with Coco Milk (Malaysia)!

Seafood parteeeey! We had shrimps and crabs cooked in butter garlic:)

Salad & Ham Bar!

Refreshements - Lime w/ syrup (Vietnam), Avocado & chocolate (Indonesia, our fave!), Lemongrass (Thailand), Teh Tarik (Malaysia)

Wide array of desserts...

but we settled for Gelato...

and fondue!

It was fun sharing this amazing Asian "food tour" with these peeps!
Carissa, Ana, Paul, Hannah & Angel

Thanks again Marriott Hotel for this amazing experience. Thank you Anton for inviting us!

(some photos grabbed from Ana and Sir Azrael)

Enjoy Flavors of Asia in Marriott Hotel Manila, Newport City Complex, Pasay City.
For only P2, 300 net from Sunday to Thursday and P2, 500 net for Friday and Saturday.

For inquiries or reservations, call Marriott Café at 988-9999

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  1. you love avocado juice and chocolate? come to Jakarta, I'll treat you with it ;)

  2. gusto ko uli mag buffet :P


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