Nautical Neon

Here's what I wore to Marriott Hotel's Bloggers Night! I was still a bit sick and I wanted to wear something loose (anticipated stomach expansion) so I settled for this neon dress I bought from Primadonna, Alimall!:) This was taken after my last HPV shot (yey!) which hurt like hell. Lol. Guys, again, get vaccinated. Prevention is better than cure.:) Wearing glasses again coz I didn't have time for makeup. Hee.

Primadonna dress, Thrifted jacket, Iamgirlie bangle, Oasap necklace, Forever 21 brogues

This dress comes in other colors too-- I think pink and green? Loving Primadonna's new clothes!:) I also totally forgot about this jacket. I think I had this for like a year but never really got much chance to wear it. Love it though! The buttons have anchors embossed on them. Cuuute. Since I was going for the nautical look (with a  twist) I decided to wear my glittery brogues instead of heels. That's it!:)

Errand day today. Lord, pls help me drag my lazy ass out of bed early! Have to return pullouts, pullout clothes for Karylle's commercial shoot tomorrow, buy things to sell this weekend, have them altered and washed, pickup cheques, etc. Waaaaaaaah! Okay, have to sleep. Have a great day loveys. Love and light to all of you. :) And as a way of honoring our beloved comedy king Dolphy, smile at the person standing next to you. :) Hugs.


  1. I love the Jacket ate Aisa! :)


  2. Slightly natakot ako sa last line na smile at the person standing next to you e mag isa ako now sa room ko -___- Afraidy! ;P hehehe!

  3. nice outfit :)
    love the glittery brogues

    hopefully your errand day goes smoothly

    The Sweetest Escape 


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