Fete De La Musique Madness

Hello again world! Haha. Leaving in 5 minutes, meeting with Jansport!:) Leaving you with this post! Photos from weeks ago when a few blogger friends and I went to the Fete De La Musique festival. I had a blast! It's always fun spending time with blogger friends outside events. I've known most of them for 2 years (I think) from blogging and I can say that they're the nicest and most genuine from the bunch.:) Thanks Niche for the photos:)

before Ana left! After dinner:)
parang may importanteng pinaguusapan? haha
benta ata ako kay eden. haha
bumubooking si Tay-Tay!
we're a wlaking stoplight! yellow, red, green
gandara ni Mother Thysz, at ano naman ang kaguluhan sa likod! haha
nakakaloka ang effects! hahaha
"Maaaree! kamusta na ang mga bata?!" moment
nganga! d ko nakuha memo. haha
new friends!
Nope, we were not drunk FYI.:) Miss you already Eden! Sa uulitin guys!:)


  1. Oh! I was there too! Sayang I didn't get to see you. The beer price was extortion though. Haha! Question, kayo na ba ni PaulthePRGuy? Ang sweet nyo kasi! Nakikichismis! Haha!

  2. aaaaaaw nateary eyed naman akong bigla! or sa kakachop ko lang to ng onion.. haha dyowk lang! gad i miss you guys!! gusto ko ng bumalik wahhh. update me naman sa next cebu trip mo ha! i love yew!

    jumebs lang si taylor! haha


  3. Masaya ba kahit wala me? ;) Hehehe! Regretting na :) Sa next paalala mo sakin to! :)

  4. "Maaaree! kamusta na ang mga bata?!" - pocha! tawang-tawa ako dito!!!!!!

  5. Awww ang ganda ng effects ng photos pati ng mga tao ha!! Haha benta ka talaga with your captions forever, Pax! Never failed to make my day! ♥ =))


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