Oh So Dainty Paisley

So I'm ending my blogging spree today (4 in a row, yeaaaah) with shots of me wearing my new pretty dress from ROMWE! Posted a photo of this weeks ago on Instagram and I've gotten quite a number of oohs and aaahs from my Instagram and Twitter friends!:) Well, I don't blame you...it's a charmer.:)

ROMWE paisley dress

cute cheetah (or is it leopard?) collar tips! 

 Penshoppe belt, Envy leather bracelet, Pinkbox studded bangle, Looking for Lola leopard bangle

Primadonna orange snakeskin heel pumps

I am seriously inlove with this vintage style paisley dress. It's a little loose but nothing a little alteration can't fix. I love the print, the color, the style and the cute collar tips!!!:) Decided to cinch my waist with a studded tassel belt from Penshoppe (which I got last year) and wore my suede Primadonna pumps to finish off the look. That's all!

Styling Karylle this week! Started yesterday and it started right. She even thanked me on air. That's a first! Woot. Pulling out more clothes for her today so have to snooze now! Long day later. Hope you all have an amazing day.:) Toodles.

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  1. Love it! Nakakayaman look! :)


  2. Giiirl super bet ko naman 'tong dress mo! :) Suits you well, gandaaa ♥ Congratulations sa styling with K, galing galing! All support for you, babe! :-* See you soon!


  3. paisley is my favorite print, and i love your snake skin heels!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. pretty dress!! :) love the outfit


  5. This is such a pretty dress! I like that there are a lot of prints mixed up here - snakeskin, cheetah, paisley! The bracelets are so cute - gives some edge to the look! Lovely!!

  6. Paisleys and brocades are love! :-) I want that dress!! Haha.

    Hope you can visit my blog:
    www.pauderamos.blogspot.com :-)

  7. love your collar
    & this dress is so pretty
    your super chic :)


  8. gandara park the dress!! love this one so vintage, so you! :D

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  9. wow!! that dress is awesome!!! it so characterizes your style!! interesting collar tips too! LOVE the whole ensemble :)

    paint it stripes


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