YABU: Katsu For 25 Dinner

Got invited to YABU's Exclusive Dinner last June 8 and I could honestly say it was one of the best food/blogger event I've been to.:) Before you say "weh?!", I can support my claim! Well, one, it was super intimate that it felt like a friend just threw a private party. Two, we were treated like queens and kings (service was exemplary)! Three, I really enjoyed talking to my blogger (& real life) friends over good food--we were just laughing and smiling and conversing the whole time. And last but not the least, the food was amazing (I can't say this enough) and overflowing. I have no idea where we got all the adjectives we used to describe the food and our experience! Feeling food critique kami lahat. Haha. Food was coming in and out like crazy that we barely touched the 5th set they brought in. We all went home with smiles on our faces and stomachs (spell bilbil?). Lol. As I write this post, I'm also questioning myself why I had to do this at this ungodly hour, my stomach's rumbling like hell. Photos!

personalized invite! Aww.
When we got there, the left wing's window was completely covered with a black cloth. Me to someone: "Ano gagawin mo if pagpasok mala Opus pala with tugs tugs na sound? Tapos mala vampire underground party?" Hihi. But sorry naman to my wild imagination, we were greeted by a pleasant set-up when we entered plus Sandro Paredes who took our photos! We then settled into our chosen seats. Here's the menu for the night!

I love how the waiters were super attentive. Exemplary service indeed! Chose Mango Shake for my drink.

Watermelon for Sarah, Green mango for Bestie and Ripe mango for moi!

Here are my seatmates!
gorgeous Dani Barretto

(grabbed from instagram)  with my 2 other seatmates, Sarah and Bestie!

Across us-- Ana, Kelly, Paul and Keigh:)

Event was hosted by Martin de Vera (no not Nievera!)

 the attendees. can you spot the handsome papa V?

Short introduction and welcome message by Yabu's part owner Mr. Gerry Santos! He reads all our Yabu posts!:)

The master of all Katsu, Chef Kazuya! He flew in from Japan Japan for this event! How sweet. I crush you. 

I crush Chef talaga! Obvious ba pumapa2razzi shot. Lol. Peace Mich lamo na yan!:)

And then the feast began...
 Yabu's Master Chef, explaining the different dishes served. Love it!

appetizers anyone? I murdered the potato salad this time (not the edamame).

I chose Rosu Pork. OMG it's heavenly. I am drooling right now. Will eat this later! Haha

This is a breath of fresh air, if, like me, you always order the Rosu Tonkatsu Set before. I love how the egg yolk serves as the sauce aside from the miso based sauce on top. Perfection. :) I always ask for extra sauce though. 

Seafood Set!

We were already full from the Katsudon so we didn't really touch this set. BUT, I tasted the salmon and it's yummy!:) As a salmon addict, Mich would approve! I will have her try it on my next visit.

Salmon lovers, this is for you! You're welcome. Haha

 they now have this! It's so tastyyyyy. Layu oil (chili garlic). I think this is P35

We were served Magnum ice cream for dessert 

and Sake! 

Paul and his Sake... and his expression.

Sarah and Bestie--happy campers. Lol

Ladies who YABU <3

 cge lamon pa!:)

Photo Session afterwards!
us with Chef Kazuya<3

with the other bloggers:)

 i can eat the Katsudon bowl all day OR! I can just marry the chef? Hehe joke lang po!

with the my loves, pretty Denise, PR/Marketing Manager of YABU! (ganda ng outfit mo girl!)

with Sir Gerry and Chef Lee:) Thank you!!!

Eh sino to? lumi-lindsay lohan??? Lol. (that's Kelly the wild child)

Had to pee and found this inside the bathroom! Hello me! Lol. Parang bet nila yung banner ko sa laki noh?

Thanks again YABU for another wonderful experience. Go everyone, run to Megamall and dine at Yabu! Coz yes, once in a while (or cge everyday if keri niyo) you deserve a meal fit for the Gods. Indulge! :))

YABU is located at SM Megamall 2nd level Atrium. They're opening a new branch soon! Can't wait to find out where!:) 

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  1. Hi Aisa!

    Wonderful entry. You really captured every moment that night (and every moment with Chef Kazuya - we'll show this to him!). We're happy to know you enjoyed!:)

    See you again soon at Yabu!

    The Yabu Team


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