LTimeStudio Fashion Series: ODM Styling Workshop

Disclaimer: Sorry if I look wasted in most of the pics...coz I was. Wine night gone wrong haha. Felt like I was floating the whole day. Lol. Anyway, after my paspasang Hangten Pullout Event--Sarah, Ana, Paul and I then headed to Cappriciosa, Greenbelt for L Time Studio's ODM Styling Workshop/Event. I didn't want to miss the event coz L-Time is quite close to my heart (naks). If you must know, I handled L-Time Studio when I was still working at Robinsons Department Store as an Assistant Category Officer! So I was quite ecstatic when I got the invite:) Not to mention, I'm obsessed with watches. I feel naked when I'm not wearing one. So back to the event...

Timepieces are no longer just a means to tell time. It is a statement - a statement of personality, of lifestyle and of individual style. Building equity on ever-evolving brand selections to remain always fresh, fashionable, and on-trend since 2002, continues to be the game - changing concept in the presentation of fashion watches in the Philippines and is the market leader.

This year, LTIMESTUDIO launched the Fashion Series program wherein LTIMESTUDIO endeavors to inspire the countless consumers on how to draw their everyday fashion inspiration from their wrist watch in a series of programs and activities centered on today's most influential and inspiring online personalities like David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and VJ Joyce Pring who will style the six watch brands participating in the Fashion Series.

 The ODM Collection: (l-r) Arco, Rainbow, Illumi, 60-Second

 Lego Collection (hang gandaaaa!)

When we got there (of course we were late), David Guison already started the workshop. He talked about style evolution, styling and statement watches such as ODM. :) 

 David's paraphernalias. haha

 in action

In between, food was served! Yummmy!

It was my first meal for the day, so I was really excited eat! Buuuut, people kept asking me to come in front, so I wasn't able to eat at all! Haha nakakaloka. It's all good though!:) 

 David asked me to do a mini styling demo using ODM watches complete with explanation. Haha sabaw naman

 Paul and Kelly wearing ODM watches--bagay ba?

I was happily skipping on my way back to our table just thinking of all the food waiting for me. But then, they announced a styling contest between 3 teams. Before I can even finish my plate, Paul asked if I can style him. So fiiiine. Off I went again in front. Sarah was also called and she teamed up with Kelly. I was super sabaw that day coz of my hangover (pretend I didn't say this kids), so I just went up there and did whatever. I didn't want Paul to look Preppy--coz it's his default look, thus forfeiting the goal of this challenge--so I just grabbed whatever I can from David's rack (we were the last to choose from the rack as well) and prayed for a miracle. Haha.

 We only had 5 minutes to come up with an outfit so hubadero naging peg ni Paul! Mega outfit change infront of everyone. Nahiya si kuya so he sat nalang while I tried to cover him. Lol.

Aisa: Pauuul, wag ka magagalit if d tayo manalo ha! Bahala na. Paul: Eeeh competitive ako!

Eto naaa! My explanation: "Paul has always been preppy so I chose to style him in a different way. We went for the Utilitarian look and then added the yellow watch for a pop of color." (boom! winning answer! parang ms universe lang lol)
Guess what? WE WON!!! Now we both own an ODM watch.Woot.

group pic with L Time team, us and ODM ambassadors David and Joyce Pring:)

Rovie also won as best dressed!

mah sisters Sarah and Ana

 best enemies lol, me and Paul

 with Mother Earth, Shen, Kelly, Arnie and photobombers Sarah and Paul. Lol

 with Hazel, Kat and Rovie

Thanks again L Time Studio!:)) Do you know that you can have your ODM watch altered for free at ODM branches? Will have mine done at SM Megamall tomorrow!:) Now here are the different ODM styles again...

And here's David being his hot self (naaaks!) modeling the watches and showing you how you can style 'em...

 Betchina. Bongga mo dave!:)

 For more info and updates, visit http://ltimestudio.com/odm-pilipinas.html

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  1. Aliw na aliw ako dito!! Haha naiimagine kitang nagna-narrate ng mga ganap, winner ka talaga! :)) Congratulations for the ODM watch, girl! AWARD! Haha you deserve it ♥


  2. paxie!!! congrats sa tandem nyo ni paul! saya lang ang taas ng energy nung andun kayo hahaha :D

    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)


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