Superb Bazaar

I always say I'll work on my backlogs, but things always come up so it never follows through. Arrrgh. I'm so frustrated. Lol. Anyway, here's another late post! Photos taken during the Superb Bazaar last Philippine Fashion Week.:) But first, what I wore... (thanks Kristin for the photos)

Thrifted denim top, PLF neon sheer skirt, Payless wedges

 Bell Charms necklace

Tomato clutch, Le Papillon bracelet

More pics!
with blogger loves Tracy Ayson & Ana Gonzales and fashion friends Mycke Arcano and Jear!

 us with Jaja Bolos, owner of Jhajing:)

 Bell, daughter of the owner of BELL CHARMS!:) She was the one who came up with the kids line! She made the necklace she's wearing. Cute noh???

cute flats from Posh Pocket Shoes

with my loves Tati of Bubbles!!!:)

she said danica magpantay bought a lot of these necklaces the day before!:)

shorts and kimonos!

cute bracelets from Bags in the City!

with the owner:)

 S&H shoes

with it's lovely owner Sally!:)

woot! thanks for my shoes!:)

our favorite Gold Dot!:)

OS and Paradigm Shift!

 Cute clothes by NIMA!:)

lovely owner of Anti-Fashion;)

So many cute stuff but I didn't have time to go around.:( These photos were less than an hour before the bazaar closed. More fab finds next time!:)

That's all!:)

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  1. That skirt is fabulous! Really feeling the envelope clutch too-


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