The Postura Project: Day 4, Leopard

Please forgive the haggardness! This is what I wore to a meeting with Converse and a focus group discussion with Maybelline last week. I feel so professional. Haha chos. Making it my 4th Postura look!

Cinderella top, PINKaholic shorts, SM belt

 Handmade detachable collar from BEDAZZLE

 Looking for Lola leopard bangle, Cotton On bangle, Esprit watch

Parisian wedges

So, I'm not sure if these Parisian wedges were made in the Philippines or imported. Help? Hehe. But the highlight of my whole look is my new detachable collar made by Cat of local online store BEDAZZLE herself. I love how she used 2 different prints.  :)

can't help but notice this table inside Converse's office

Converse meeting!

I then headed to Maybelline's office afterwards for a focus group discussion with their marketing team with some blogger friends! It was a nice experience and we reviewed their new campaign. Watch out for that!

Thank you Maybelline!

bloggers with Maybelline's pretty marketing/PR girls! Thanks Carmela!

Oh and here are my Supersale buys, as promised!
Bucket bag from that store where we saw the printed satchels, P500, Highwaist bikini, NUDO P500, Anagon headband:)

Contact lens P500, Mia Casa bracelet and Necklace both for P500!:)

Thanks to everyone who surprised me with stuff too! Sweeet. :) That's all, more tomorrow! Toodles! xo

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  1. my God, bet na bet ko ang highwaist bikini! :) love your scalloped shorts btw Ais! :)


    1. tama sis super cheap nia!:) Buy from NUDO!:)

  2. I love your outfit! The top was perfectly paired with the detachable collar. :)
    Cute shoes too! :)
    Btw, great buys! :) I love that highwaist bikini!! :)


  3. love the wedge!!! :)


  4. I love the bikini and the necklace so much!
    Plus your outfit = <3

  5. hi ate where'd you buy those wedges? thanks :)


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