Supersale Bazaar 2012: Sunday

Here are the rest of my Supersale Bazaar photos. Ana and I went around to say hi to our blog sponsors and took photos of our favorite picks!

Obsessed with RUCKUS accessories!:)

 alin ang naiba?

me and Tati:)

Bloggers booths

Banig bags! Want!

lovely Cebu bangles for P100 each!

Mens shoes

Peanut Butter & Jeri shoes. Super cute

lovely tops from the store beside Peanut Butter. (short term memory can't remember waah)

Lovely accs from Mia Casa -- can't stop ourselves from buying!



Depaige dresses

checking out the les  roux booth!

with Ally of Les Roux!:)

their famous feather extensions

koi monokini!

floral love from Blanc Kanvas

highwaist bikini from NUDO!

Top from TwoZero


still can't get over this top!

lovely shoes from Poise Designs

Victorian bangles

bottle cap rings 

book type pendants. so cute!

i wanted to buy the multicolored bikini but no stocks na! :( Teepee Designs

awesome skirt from Peace, Love, Fashion. Which I had reserved na hehe

sequined blazer from Peace, Love, Fashion 

Collar tips which I bought, from Plus Minus Divide

cute purses!

reg,me, ana at the Glitterati booth!

School of Satchel bags

 statement shirts!

with Ally of Golddot!

cute flats! can't stop spinning the bow haha

Karl, Goddot's designer,in action!

Posh Pocket Flats!

i need this!

my new fave mens store--Flying Dutchman!

 Tutum flats

bagay sa outfitey namin!:) satchels

keep shoes!

ENVY accessories! Love!

Keep shoes & Envy owner Eilis and Ann!:)

The One One Shop bags--made by inmates daw. So cool:)

 colorblocking shoes

with Heir's owner Evanthe!:)

The Posh Wardrobe!

 Vern and I with Jaja of Jhajing!:) She's so fasyown!

the Enciso siblings in our booth!:)

with fellow blogger sellers Anne, Ana, Lissa and Nikki:)

Can't wait for the next Supersale Bazaar!:) Sharing with you my fabulous buys next:)


  1. I love all the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drooling*

  2. Love the skirt from peace, love and fashion! :)


  3. So sad that I didn't go to supersale bazaar. Ahhh I love the bikinis!!:|

  4. Wow!! That place is like heaven!
    A lot of want-to-buys!!! :)


  5. I miss our bazaarista tindera adventures! :P


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