Mustard Haze

If you're a true blue DE reader, you'd know that I'm not a huge fan of this day. Haha. I've always deemed this day as a major cliche. No offense to V-day fans. I dunno why, but I've always felt this way even if I'm in a relationship. You know you can celebrate Valentine's everyday! Db? But most of all, I hate it coz it's a huge slap on single people's faces. Aminin! Been there, done that. This day has just become a huge commercial festivity. Don't get me wrong I'm a hopeless romantic, but I'd rather express it everyday than once a year. Anywaaaay, Mich if you're reading this, you know better than to give me flowers in public. I'll kill you. Heh. And no repeat performance of bringing me to a fine dining resto after a long day of pullouts in my torn jeans, sneakers and oversized shirt! (Click HERE to know what I'm talking about, hehe).

Anyway, I'd be spending my day styling summer looks for a shoe brand. Excited! Hope everything goes well. :) Here's a random outfit post!

Mango top, Posh Wardrobe skirt, from Bangkok heels

So glad I got this top from Mango, been wearing it with everything! Got it on sale too. The skirt is from my favorite online shop The Posh Wardrobe. Had it altered, made it shorter, coz I don't really look good in midi skirts. It makes my legs appear shorter and emphasizes my being bow legged. Not cool. Haha. Decided to resurrect these long forgotten heels (love the garter straps) which I bought from Bangkok 3 years ago for just P300! Sweet right?:)

 Bubbles red velvet chain necklace & cross rope necklace

 Envy stingray cuff

Impulse Co envelope bag, Jhajing leopard belt

 Okay, gotta go. It's 3am, my styling witching hour. Time to come up with outfits for the shoot tomorrow. Toodles! xo

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  1. Love the look! Esp. the necklaces! xx

    The Niknok Style

  2. yes, totally agree on you aiz. we're also not big on celebrating valentines day. haha

    anyways, i like the envelope clutch so much.:)


  3. Pretty, sis! :) Still, Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mich!! ♥ Hahaha stay in love babes!


  4. Gondo ng skirt! :)


  5. Totooo!!!! Overrated na masyado ang Valentines.. Dapat araw araw ka naman sweet and loving to your bf/gf/family.. Oh well.. I miss you! Ang ganda pala nung envelope clutch from Impulse.. Akala ko maliit lang yun! Malaki laki pala! I'll borrow your last photo and post it on my blog ha! Just for reference lang kung gano sya kalaki. :) Miss you Pax! Love you! ♥

  6. that's really funny but so true!! haha :)


  7. euphoric masyado ung valentines day! haha dapat everyday ganun ung effort ng mga boys and girls sa partners. :)

    ps: ganda lng ng skirt!!


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