Valentine Announcements

Hey guys! More exciting news from your favorite brands & shows!:)

1. Project Runway is back!
You all know blogger/designer Yves right?
He's on Project Runway!!! Watch out for him this March!:)

2. Unarosa’s 10 Looks for the Perfect Valentine’s Date!
These 10 Perfect Looks can be availed at Unarosa stores in Shangri-la Plaza, SM Megamall, SM The Block North Edsa, Shoppesville Greenhills, SM Fairview and Marquee Mall Pampanga.

3. Freeway, Solo, Ensembles Promo!

4. Save the date!!!!!

Bloggers United is back with a special project this 2012 - INDIE FRIDAYS! It is an event that will provide a platform for independent and promising young individuals in the field of fashion, music and film to showcase their gift and creativity.

Fridays at Il Ponticiello will never be the same as we transform it to a multimedia hub where all artists and social media mavens can converge, network and jump start a possible shot at their desired industry. The last day of the week will be a mix of various fields as we provide a venue for:

- Youtube artists or starting musicians to play for live audience
- Budding designers and fashion entrepreneurs to launch their line
- Indie filmmakers to display their videos or short films
- Photographers and stylists to exhibit their portfolio

For this Friday, Feb 17, we would be featuring Raleene and Riz Cabrera of Walkie Talkies with event host and front act, DJ Boom of 91.5 Big Radio.

The event is in partnership with IL Ponticiello, 2nd Floor, Antel Bldg. Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati

 First 10 to comment below gets 2  free tickets:) 

5. For Indie Fridays, we are looking for:

The contact deets are on the poster so go on, just email or text us if interested:)

Happy Hearts Day! :)


  1. I want a ticket!sama ko jossa!hahaha:))

    1. gow! 2 tickets for you na!:) claim it there nalang under me:)

  2. I wanna have the tix!

    Katrine Lao
    Twitter: @katweetsz

    1. hi Kat! 2 tickets for you:) will tweet you:)

  3. Replies
    1. 2 tickets for you! cu there!

    2. How can we claim it Miss Aisa? :)

    3. Thank you so much! How can we claim it Miss Aisa?
      - @zeticuenca :)

  4. Me~ I want a ticket! :D
    Kristin Cornejo

  5. This looks good! Hoping I can get a ticket Aisa! Happy Anti-Mush Love Day to you and Mich by the way. ;)

  6. This is so nice.. :D I have a friend who's a budding designer. Ako naman, I'm a budding photographer.. haha.. We'll build our portfolios muna then who knows maybe we can join Indie Fridays :)

  7. i want ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow!! Congratulations Ms. Aisa and the rest of the team (Ms.Ana and Ms.Melai) for this wonderful project you created!!! i think it will be as successful as Bloggers United!! Cheers!!

    czarina ♥
    my blogspot blog
    my blog

  9. Ms. Aisa, may we have tickets too?


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