Sweeter Than Candy

So I'm still under house arrest..and I'm so freaking bored!!! Still can't go out because of my swollen left cheek due to an impacted teeth (not 1 but 2!) removal surgery last Sunday. But it's almost healed now! The swelling had remarkably subsided. I can't wait to go back to eating chicken and seafood and patis! Heh. There were a few good things that came out of this though! One, I'm finally done making our HK/Macau itinerary for our trip next week. Two, booked and arranged an out of town trip with my family (excited!). Three, I was able to rest extensively before all the chaos in my blogging/professional life resumes.  And the best among the rest? Our apartment is still squeaky clean and mess free after 5 days (had it cleaned last Sunday) coz i haven't opened my closet yet! Haha. Been living in pajamas for days. Aylavet.

Anyway, here's what Mr. Mailman brought in this week and last week! 
 Cute rings from Shop O Jewels. Thanks Princess!

Lovely necklaces from I Am Girlie!

and lovely bangles/bracelets

..and earrings! Thank you Girlie! Check out her store now na, stocks are limited!:)

Unposted accs from Artcessories. Outfit post soon!

Cute shirt and feather necklace from Indigo Shop

cute vintagey dress from Simplizity Clothing:)

 rad leopard print boots from Poise Designs!

Sorry for the delayed outfit posts but I promise to make bawi next week!:) I'll also share with you guys next week how I'll be packing for my HK trip. Aaaand.. will be back styling starting February. I missed my best bud Jear! :) Hope you're all enjoying the year so far! And don't forget to join my giveaways!:) Love to everyone.

 P.S. I still can't believe I'm nominated on Style Bible as Fashion Blogger of the Year 2011. Surreal! I'm nominated alongside Laureen, Camille, Kookie, Alyssa, Shai, Tricia and Lexi. I'm really not expecting anything, but it would be super awesome if you could take the time to vote for me too. No pressure.:)

I'm also included on their list of My Style favorite looks of the year! Swerte!:)

Thank you thank you thank you:)

P.S. Have you joined my 2012 Kickoff Giveaway Series yet?


  1. I can totally relate Pax! Had my wisdom tooth removed last Vacation, bummer di ako makatodo sa lapang at picture taking haha, maga kasi pisngi ko ,lols

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Tooth probs sucks! :( Lovely accessories! Can't wait to see the outfits!

    Momma Y

  3. We have the same rings!!! *_* Cute stuff you've received, Pax! Get well real soon!! ♥♥ Voting for you sa Stylebible! Go go!


  4. i absolutely love all the items :)

  5. Aww surgery, I had one removed 2 years ago and I was in pain for almost 2 weeks. I hope this won't affect your trip next week. ~cheers!

  6. Love all the new items! and Bongga dami mong features! congrats!


  7. I want that mustache ring! :(


  8. Awesome post!

    Check out my new blog:

  9. Miss you Pax, pagaling ka agad :)

    And wooow! Will vote for you! Good luck! :)

  10. Weee! Get well soon! :)

    Wow, so lucky and yes you deserve it! :) I hope you win!

    Love, love looove<3



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