Pax in Boots

Baduy title but kinda cute noh? Haha. Anyway, here's my outfit today when I ran some errands. Dropped by the apartment then headed back to my parents' house in Marikina. Loving the fast internet connection here! Heh.

Indigo Shop sheer oversized shirt, Primadonna acidwash shorts

My new favorite color combo? Pink and Blue! It meshes well together noh? These cute boots were given by Sally of S&H. I'm a boots girl and I love colors, so this is just perfect for me! It's also comfortable enough to use for long walks or errands. Love the Primadonna shorts just as much. Washed, tattered and highwaist, what's not to love? :) 

 Artcessories twist necklace, Indigo Shop feather necklace, I Am Girlie wrap bracelet

Wore this eccentric twist necklace from Artcessories to add more color and finished off with this rock and rollish studded wrap bracelet from I Am Girlie. You'll seldom see me excessorized (I usually over edit), but I do love my accessories! I treasure each one the same way I treasure my shoes. Heh.

S&H blue ankle boots

THE boots. Need I say more?:)

Oh, and saw this stucked under our door today... had a hard time yanking it out. Lol.
Thanks PREVIEW! Excited to read this and see what's inside. :) 

And...we're on Inquirer yesterday! Thanks Kaye for the scan :)
Lavet. Thank you:)
That's all for now! Before I forget, I need your help guys! What's the best ISP provider out there? Planning to switch ASAP coz SMART is being such a pain in the ass lately (actually most of the time). I don't want to lose my job(s) (and pay P1k a month) over a crappy connection. :( Thanks in advance! Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. wi-tribe is good in terms of getting what you pay for and they're really clear with the terms of conditions. other ISPs say that you get unli net at 1mbps but you only get that under a maximum bandwidth, past that you get a slower net connection, problem is, wi-tribe signal is selective. better check if it is available in your area.

    my friends told me that sky cable is good. however it is not available in all areas too.

    im using pldt mydsl because its bundled with our line. internet is good - I am able to play online games! But customer service is so bad, I don't remember the last time I was able to talk to a CS representative because I was always waiting for the answering machine to stop singing. They always seem busy...

    I hope this helps :)

  2. i love the boots aisa! I've seen that pair in trinoma and I want to get it right away kaso no size for me haha :)

  3. Cute title! Hahaha! Made me giggle a bit. :) Love the pastel colors too!


  4. Pink and blue are so great combi! :) I love your shorts and boots, Pax! :)

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  5. I'm using Smart and I think they're location based cause in our are, connection is pretty fast.

    Also, I think the blog title is cute and not baduy. I love your shorts. :)

  6. Awww ove your shorts! do they have it on other colors too? :) By the way, You're welcome on the photos :)


  7. Yes, cute title post :)
    Cute rin yung boots and yung pink shorts! :)


  8. super cute title! and boots, too! :)

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  10. ang witty ng title! love the shorts babe!

  11. Heehee love the title.

    I've been using SmartBro for almost seven years now and ok naman sa akin. It depends lang talaga sa location. Good luck on finding the best for you! :)

  12. Cuuute title! :) Hahaha very great combination of blue and pink. Might try that soon! Bet ko boots mo, Pax! Miss you!


  13. The title won me over. BOOOOOTS!!

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  14. i love the styling ms aisa. i loooooveee the boots. when i saw it, i immediately inquired. still thinking tho if i should get it. i always get influenced by ur style and ur stuff. hehehe. -pai


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