Hongkong + Mail Hauls

I didn't really shop til I dropped in Hongkong. I don't usually shop a lot when I travel. I only buy what I really really want and what I won't usually find here in Manila. Anyway, here are my Hongkong hauls as well as a few sweet things I got in the mail yesterday!:)

H&M colored flats ($99 each) and White fur boots from Mongkok ($200, had to buy it coz it was super cold and my feet hurt from the Mango boots)

H&M bag ($99), bodycon skirt ($49), silver necklace ($69), black & orange bowler hats ($99 each).

Cotton On bracelet & knee high socks (Mich bought the socks coz I was freezing!)

Shirtdresses from Mongkok 2 for $100!
(Mich made me buy it coz it was super cold and I didn't have clothes to layer)

From the mail...
YSL inspired ring

 Tangerine mullet skirt

lightweight pink blazer

striped dress/top

All from Jhajing Shop. Thank you! 
For updates, follow Jhajing on Facebook & Multiply. :)

cute chiffon top from Style Hub
leopard print sheer shirt from Style Hub (plus another cute top that's currently in the laundry)

cute limited edition Chinese New Year flipflops from Bling Duck! I can feel summer na:)

Bling Duck is also available in all Schu stores in TriNoma, Glorietta 3, Mall of Asia. Chocolate Schubar in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell and soon in Schu Ayala Center Cebu.

lovely vintage earrings and ring from Viva La Manika!

Watch out for their grand public launch soon! Be updated by following their pages:

That's it for now! Blogger's Chinese New Year party later. So excited to catch up with everyone (after my long hibernation hehe). Have a great day!:)

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  1. I love how you blog everything aisa... keep it up!!! :) mwah mwaahh... nice clothes you have., you reall have a taste! :) mwah mwah!

  2. Wow! Amazing new items Ms. Aisa <3

  3. wow i love the flats and the bowler hats, di mo ba ibebenta yung hats sister? haha!:)

  4. Great finds! You seem like you had a great time in HK! just like you, things should be unique enough for me to buy them! :) Enjoy the party later! :)


  5. love your hauls! especially the shoes and the bag! :)

  6. Oh my! don't you just love new items? :)


  7. i love your haul!!! WOW! i need to go shopping :))

  8. I love the H&M flats & the necklace! Sana may ganun pa by March! Haha

  9. So this isn't bonggang shopping pa? Super fabulous all the items you brought home, Pax! :) Well, what more pag super shopping spree diba! Haha welcome back, dearest!! ♥ See you soon!


  10. nice haul. love the cute colorful flats and hats.

  11. bet ko iyong tangerine mullet skirt. :)

  12. Super love your bowler hats!


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