Hongkong Diaries: 10,000 Buddhas Galore

So on our 3rd day in Hongkong, Mich and I headed to some quiet town called Sha Tin. For Hongkong returnees, this tour is for you! It's quite easy to discover new places  if you just research. :) We weren't able to see the cutie patootie Snoopy Land at Sha Tin, but we'll save that for another HK trip (soon I hope). Photos below starting with some outfit shots!

From facebook (forgot the store) peter pan collar top, Chocolate Clothing gold metallic pullover, Forever 21 leather leggings & neon green socks, SM surplus coat, Mango scarf & boots

Layered this gold sweater over my newly altered shirt!

cute rock-paper-scissors & mustache rings from Shop O' Jewels!

our new lucky (and blessed) feng sui bracelet from 10,000 budha monastery!:)

Here are the rest of the photos!
Mcdo breakfast!
train ride from mongkok to kowloon tong and then to Sha Tin
yummy ice cream for $8!

So when you exit the MTR station just turn left and keep walking. There were no street signs as to where it was, so we ended up getting lost for like 20 minutes. Funny story, we saw this huge temple-ish place and thought that was it, turned out it was a cemetery! FAIL. So that was why people were looking at us when we entered. Lols.

umeemo pa eeeh
lechon offering
feel na feel ko pa pag sindi ng incense! kakahiya lols

After realizing our honest mistake (hehe), we finally found it!!! And yes, it was just THERE--before you actually enter the pangmayaman cemetery. The sign was not visible lang!

there were Kuyas re-painting the Buddhas! i think in time for the Chinese New Year?

Now meet our friends! We were amazed by the 1 million variation of Buddhas. As in wow. Disclaimer: If you think you will be offended by my captions, pls don't scroll down. Please do know I respect the Chinese religion. I swear, If I'm not a Christian, I would really be into Buddhism. :)

Nappy buddha
hmmm san kaya nauntog si kuya?
lagpas lagpas  lipstick!
i'm cold
daydreaming buddha
buddha beads
hello hair:)
the standing buddhas
magic CARP-et ride
master buddha
love the leeeps
sarimanok bongga
big daddy
Add caption

It's a long walk up (500+ steps!) and we had to take a break every few minutes. It was worth it though! It was in a way a self imposed sacrifice/penance.:) Plus, the view was breathtaking.

meet the godfather, the big boss!
gorgeous view
long handed naman mashadow
love this shot--if d lang blurred. Lols

We then headed to their version of Home depot afterwards. Wanted to visit IKEA but got distraced by food na naman! Ate here...

cheap food! but not that yummy--well, for me.

After our late lunch, we killed more time reading a book while sipping on tea at a nearby coffee shop. Went back to the city at around 5pm and shopped a little at H&M.;)

haul post next!
Gong Cha fix!
bought dinner at some sidewalk stall again. Yum!
sausage wrapped in bacon AGAIN and waffle with peanut butter! Yum!

Haul post next! Plus, the last leg of my Hongkong trip! :) Now excuse me as I work on a gazillion things. I'm definitely back. If only I could ask my heart and mind (still in vacay mode) to do the same. :)

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  1. Welcome back! Super love your outfit Pax. and buti ka pa naka-stalker shot sa mga fasyown people, I always forget.

  2. Pax, we've got the same cute rings!!! :) Hihi btw, the McDonald's photos made me miss twister fries. :-S Ughhh. Haha and cute buddha pictures and captions!! :)


  3. Ah! I hope I get to visit there someday! :)

    Almira :)

  4. i LOVE your winter outfit two!!! i really adore the layering of gold pullover with the white collared shirt!!! CHIC!!!

    czarina :)
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  5. ong gondo gondo mo lang chi!!!

  6. fun!;) makes me want to go back to HK soon! :)

  7. I love going to temples! ganda naman dun, prang nde pa ko nkapunta sa place na yan..


  8. Your blog is full of good information !!
    love these rings !! and the photos so so cute !!
    xoxo from spain love

  9. love your outfit! and that place is so nice! it has an awesome view! :)


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