Holiday in Cebu: Day 1 & 2

I'm chillin' here in the most chill city ever. Heh. As always, I'm having a blast here in Cebu! Staying in Gran Prix again (I know I said never again) but I didn't have much choice coz all the other nicer hotels are fully booked. But it's not so bad either (room's super small though, feels like i'm in a balikbayan box!). Anyway, met some blogger friends today! Here are photos from today and yesterday...

Heir Clothing polka top, SM skirt, Diva gold cuff, Closet Chic zebra print bag, Grendha flats

This sheer polka top is just so pretty noh? Love the blue/white combination. It goes perfectly well with this red skirt I bought from SM. Okay, for this trip I didn't bring any heels or wedges coz I thought I'd be walking all day. It's a good thing I brought my cutie patootsie Grendha peeptoe flats! Saved my mini gimik life. Lol.

dinner at Patio Ecila with Van, Rob and Chyrel!

mich and the band guy haha

getting ready for the picture taking

and we're all wearing red! haha cool.

jeepney ride to our 2nd destination--La Merea!

waiting for our chairs

triple chocolate something brownie--sarap! AND chamomile tea (im such a granny hehe)

chy and her chocolate mochi icecream!

Mich's UP friends! Gen, Mich, Tessa, Mich (puro sila mich seryoso!)

Hi Mich! Thanks for reading my humble blog!:)

thanks for the fun night! chy, rob, marco and van

Transferred to Moon Cafe to bond with Mich's UP friends:)
..just ate and then left. Spell eat and run. Haha. No, coz I have work :(

So I spent my 1st night in Cebu with manila friends. Landed at around 10:30pm and then headed straight to the meeting place. Came home na at around 5am! Bongga. Too bad wasn't able to take photos coz bawal daw. May magagalit. Lols. And here are photos from the previous day...

sleepy me at ayala center cebu!

with mich's mom. 


okay i really ate 2 chicken hihi. :)

That's it for now. Long day tomorrooooooow..and more photos! Will be going on a trip with Mich's family--zipline and food trip and then will be meeting up with blogger friends at night. I'll be attending their Sendong fundraising event! If you're reading this and you're here in Cebu, hope you could drop by tomorrow at Kartzone, 8pm! There would be a pop up bazaar plus drink all you can for P200. There would be bands playing too. 

Let's all help our brothers and sisters affected by Sendong. See you there!:)

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  1. love this post, and your blog :)


  2. aaaaaaaaaw i missed your first night in town! sucks! but anyway, we will have a lot of fun drinking tonight. miss you!


  3. love your polka dot top Miss Aisa, very simple yet very chic :)


  4. Love the colors of you outfit!

    Merry Christmas!

    The Niknok Style

  5. Thank you loves! Hope to see you real soon!

  6. love your polka dot blouse! :)


  7. Love that polka dots top!


  8. Aahh! You're having so much fun! Travelling is also in my bucket list, but that's after my kids graduate from college pa. Can't wait till I get to wear a bikini at the beach!!! XD

  9. ais! i was in baguio while you were in cebu! sayang we didn't meet up. oh well next time. :)

    happy new year! ganda ng polka dot shirt. :)


  10. awww, i still feel bad for that dinner that i missed! ;( anyway, everybody looks so stylish in red!

  11. i wish i saw you here in cebu. :D

  12. Hurray! Naka park talaga ako sa blog mo ngayon. Haha! Will grab photos ha. Will credit you for sure. Medyo na starstruck ako sa iyo that night. Grabe, bakla ka pala. Haha.

    I was really glad to meet you. Ikaw na ang pinaka humble. :)

    Happy Friday!


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