Holiday in Cebu: Day 3 & 4

Sorry if I haven't been updating my blog that much, I'm just feeling a bit under the blogging weather lately. Heh. I'm just enjoying the last few days of 2011 by relaxing and spending it with friends. :) Will be back to regular programming next year (or tomorrow?hehe). Anyway, I'm now back in my messy apartment (argh)! Here are photos from the last 2 days from my Cebu trip. I had a blast, as always. :) No decent outfit posts for this one. Sowee.

breakfast of the champions! heh

at Papa Kitz recreation park or something

It's funny coz all the clothes I brought with me are beach and tambay clothes! It was the best decision to bring my favorite sneaks--my red Keds! At least I looked a little sporty. D lang bagay mag zipline ng naka oxfords or ballet flats! Lols. And this was also the only decent shorts I brought with me, just wore cycling shorts underneath. Argh. Borrowed the hoodie from Mich, it's the same one I slept in. Award.

no sleep at all look. getting ready for the zipline!


no rest for the wicked! Annnd...hello kuyukot scandal! (dont ask me what that means haha)

Mich's sis and mom

me and my pink helmet!

me and the lowtide hehe

me, the fucktard wooden stopper and my startled candid face. i love you guys so kahit nakakahiya i'm sharing this weird pic. Haha.

si mich naman!

Rested a bit and snacked on this...
kamote + lechon! nomnomnom

Went fishing afterwards!
fishing rods were rented out for P75
Cottage rental was P600 

finding our lucky spot.

After an hour--Mich's sis finally caught 1! But she let it go coz baby pa daw. hehe

one hand fishing.. yeaaah me already! haha

Me to the fisheses: F@#4k y'all! Mga user! (after eating my bait & fish food for the nth time)

at location #3. nakakapagod mag lagay ng bait paulitulit.Grr.

After more than 2 hours, badtrip na. Haha.

So Mich and I gave up and just slept the remaining hours away. Lol! Her sister caught 2 big ones though! So thank you Steph for saving our lives and for our lunch. Haha!

i didn't eat the fish though. i can't eat them when I saw them alive an hour before. Lol. 

Paid P800+ for our delicious lunch. And can I just say, I find the fish, kilo and pay rule stupid. After all the hours we've squandered and effort we've exerted catching the fish, can they just give it to us for free as a reward? Haha. Just sayin'! I had a great siesta though. So yeah it was fun. :)

After our short excursion, they dropped us off at the hotel and I slept til 9pm. We then headed to the Sendong fundraising event at Kartzone to meet some of my Cebu blogger loves. :)

 with Yves, Eden and Pax (yes may kapangalan ako! haha)

with toni and eden

yves, me, toni and van

Kudos to Eden and her teammates for organizing this! It was a huge success!!!:) I wish I stayed longer, but sadly I had work so I had to go back to the hotel agad.

stopped at Mr. Coffee for a late night dinner!

cute interiors

they have a diverse menu, so much affordable and food's delicious

Here are the clothes I bought from the fundraising pop up bazaar!
gorgeous brick red metallic dress for P300 (fits perfectly!)

chunky knit sweater for P350

The next day, I met up with 2 of Cebu's bonggang bloggers--Vanessa and Eden for a few hours of thrift shopping! Love these girls:) They're so much fun to be with. They're also 2 of the most real people/bloggers I've ever met. :)

showing off their fab finds!


We were supposed to go to this place called Carbon to buy accessories but it rained (been raining here for days!), so we just ended up chillin in a restaurant called Kuls Kitchen. Food was great! Too bad I wasn't able to take photos na. Got busy exchanging stories with my loves. Heh. Fun times.

So that's it! As always, I can't wait to go back. :) I wanna end this post by sending my love and greeting you all a very late Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!!! Bring it on 2012! We're ready for ya. See you guys next year! Bukas na yun! Haha. Have to sleep now, big street party at my lola's house later! Toodles!:)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Cebu again! Next time, beach trip na! :)

    x Roan

  2. I hope you enjoyed the zipline! I tried it in Subic, and we did it Superman style! Hehe.

    And I know the feeling of being too tamad to blog. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Aisa! i was in Cebu too this week! but it was a really short trip lang (two days). looks like you had lots of fun!

    miss you, girl! have a great 2012! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  4. I've been to Papa Kits too and the zipline is long but it isn't fast but that's alright so atleast you get to see the view more. :D I love Cebu too!!! People there are very accomodating and friendly :D


  5. I found your fishing pics very funny! :) Nice naman magpicnic and magfish at the same time. I'm envious! :) Glad you had a lot of fun!


  6. NATUWA AKO SA ENTRY MO!!! i can super imagine you talking:)) award, scandal, and your candid zipline pic - WINNER!!! :)) happy new year, aisa!


  7. love you and miss you na! exactly how I feel about you-- you're as real as real can get. can't wait to see you again pagbalik namin manila! mwah mwah have a good new year love :)


  8. woah super steal items! Happy New Year Aisa <3

    Oh, and ang cute mo sa zipline! :P

  9. it was nice to have you here, ais. balik ka again on Sinulog. ill make you a feather headdress hehe
    nag change ako ng peg. bumalik ako sa biker chick slash elf because of the vest na 2 kilos yata. hahaha

    love love,

    mommy dragon

  10. parang you enjoyed your stay here in cebu talaga, babe. i've never been to papa kits and this post just heightened my want to go there. haha! it was a pleasure meeting you, aisa. and i grabbed 2 photos from you, i hope you dont mind.


    toni perfumed red shoes

  11. Hello Aisa!!
    I missed seeing you in the event!:(
    I left early because I still have work tomorrow! :(
    Anyway, I wanted to buy that red brick dress. Good thing you bought it!:)
    Also, I'm from Cebu but I haven't been to PapaKits. GGGRR! I love the fishing pics, dear! Hope you could squeeze in another vacation here in Cebu so that I can finally meet you! Happy New Year, babe! :))

  12. Oh wow! Looks like you said goodbye to 2011 in style !

  13. Sorry for backtracking. Sayang, na miss ko to but glad you enjoyed your stay here in Cebu. :)


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