The Moonleaf & BRGR Project

I wanna start this post by thanking everyone who dropped by Moonleaf last Dec. 23 and showed their support for our SENDONG fundraising garage sale. May God bless your kind hearts. :) Here are photos from that amazing day...

(photo by jesrhel)
LeNice Boudoir top, NowhereNow shorts, Parisian flats, Bubbles necklace, Girl Shoppe belt

thanks Inee for the Lego necklace! Love it!:)

with Aie, Angel, Ana and Melai

with mah girls Sarah, Ana, Krissy and Aie


with my childhood friend Catch

my new dress and accs from Anagon!:)

more bloggers

the red cross youth serenaded us with Christmas songs:)

johnoy danao:)

After the successful event, we then headed to my good friend's restaurant, The Burger Project! It became our mini Christmas party/food event. Heh.

checklist for your order! feels like im taking a quiz hehe

 serious with their checklist/order form hehe! Ruben, my friend/co-owner, explaining it to the girls.

my Paxie Corpuz (coz Aie and I shared!)  burger and Catch's catchg burger

Melai's style & soul burger and Ana's anagon burger

they have designer burgers for people who don't want to come up with their own burger hehe

P25 per topping! love the caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce and jalapeno


And then our food came! yey!

Ana's veggie burger

their house blend iced tea ---loveee!

french fries

mozzarella sticks-- love it and love the dip!

Catch G burger-- made of angus beef, cheese and pickles? tama ba catch?

Paxie Corpuz na naging paxie Cute (i dont know why) burger! Loaded with beef, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, jalapeno, egg in a sesame bun. Yuuum.

 yummy milkshakes!

sarah's double chicken patty burger hehe

melai's burger

dinner and chika with the owner


co-owner of The Burger Project (and a good friend of mine from UST!) Ruben Lanot;)
Aside from The Burger Project, they also co-own Pino, Pipino and Brgy. Bagnet along Maginhawa St. UP Village. Bongga! You should really go visit their restos. They serve amazing food!:) 

Thanks Ben!

We decided to stick around even if Ruben had to leave. Spent the next few hours bonding with my blogger loves over stories, jokes and beers. Haha. So much fun. :) The perfect way to celebrate Christmas:)


I can't wait to go back and eat my Paxie burger again. Hehe. And yeah, I'm still dreaming about those perfect onion rings, iced tea, milkshake and fries. Yuuum.

BRGR: The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa St.
Teacher's Village, QC
Delivery: 2121212
Facebook: The Burger Project

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  1. That guy with a guitar is Johnoy Danao :)

  2. If only I don't have work that day! :( Indeed successful event!

  3. Props for this event! Any form of help is a big deal :) On another note, super ganda ng black dress from Ana :)

  4. Hi Aisa, I like to read your blog, because its not just an ordinary blog, its full of inspirations and best moments in your life. :) Hope to meet you in some bloggers event.

  5. Benta talaga that day! And obvious na bawas ang beer mo bago mag cheers a! ;D Nyahahaha! :)) Merry Christmas Pax! :) Love you! :)

  6. I already ate there once and I can't wait to go back! :)


  7. this made me excited to bring my burger addict boyfriend to the burger project! haha :D nice photos pax!
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. I so wanna check that Burger Project out! Things to do before I turn sixteen lo. :P

  9. Love your chic outfit Pax!



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