PFW: Penshoppe x Mario Maurer & VJ Utt

Watched the PFW Penshoppe show last week! One word to describe it: CRAZY! I got there at around 6pm and the line was already up to the other end of the hall (you know the exit in front of SM depstore?). I wanted to watch the VANS show but I decided to skip it just so I could line up early (even VIPs & media had to line up and it was long too).  Guess everyone wanted their Mario Maurer fix! Well, to be honest I really didn't know who he was. So I didn't really know what all the fuss was about (I just wanted to see the clothes!). Thanks to my linemates from Inquirer who enlightened me. Now, I wanna watch Love of Siam and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Plus, he's soooo much cuter in person! Oha! Updated nako. Haha. Thank you Rocel and Jed for the invite! Here's what happened through photos...

lovely seatmates-- talented stylists & photographer Jear, Randy & Ryuji!

Overall, I love the clothes & the styling!:)
i want this jacket!

love the prints and the mix of colors

obsessed with this maxi dress

cute colorful cardigan and shorts for men

sheer shirts

must have this bandeau swimsuit!

love the skirt!!!:)

Can't help but notice the yummy shoes on the runway!
oxfords for men in different colors! I wanna buy the red one for mich hehe

cute summer ready bags too

love this blazer! so unique!

looove the 2-toned pants!

candy colored pants!

VJ Utt strutting down the runway! He's so cute:)

so much colors! 

bet ko this denim dress

and this highwaist skirt--yellow eh

love the skirt and the vest!

And then there was silence...and then screams!
okay fine. he's too cute!
Finale--curtain call!
LOVEEEEEEEE! Excited for their S/S collection!

will buy this pants!

love everything Claire is wearing! aabangan ko din to!:)

so cool the pants--and the blazer! they have colored blazers now--aaaaaaaaaah!


inlove with his blazer

may ball skirt na sa penshoppe--chos! but i love this set!
Palakpakan!!! Seriously, I wanna congratulate Penshoppe's brand manager Alex Mendoza (and Publicity Asia) for a very successful show (and campaigns). No way but up for Penshoppe:)

Alex Mendoza with Mario Maurer & VJ Utt at the back hehe

final walk.


Congrats Penshoppe!

confetti shower! cutest photo ever!:

me and jear
this guy from new york ended the show with his wicked drumming (what's this called?) skills:) cute mo kuya!

Awesome show, as always. Well, I didn't expect less. :) Anyway, it's already November! Oh how time flies noh? 1 month to go, Blogger's Bazaar na! Are you going?:)


  1. i love the colored blazers, skirts and two-toned pants! mario + vj utt = kaloka!!!

  2. VJ utt over mario maurer anytime! i dwell on memories kasi. chos! yes i heard this was so chaotic, babe. haha. glad you made it in safe!


  3. I heart everything! I must agree, Penshoppe's new campaign is a total success!

  4. ang cute! i love your photos for this :) ive seen you pala last sunday at the PFW but so shy to approach. :)


  5. nakakahiya man aminin pero I have no idea din who Mario Maurer is! At least ngayon alam ko na! hehehe.... very nice collection ng Penshoppe! nakakaloka ang mga models nila pati yung mga blazers and two toned pants....i love it!

  6. wow! this was an awesome showcase of penshoppe's items and i am floored! fantastic stuff! will they be selling them in stores before the holidays? want to get my hands on a lot of them already!

  7. My gosh Mario Maurer, he is soooooo cute! (Heart beats fast)


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