PFW: Oxygen S/S '12

I would beat traffic, put up with epal cab drivers, ride the MRT, run to SMX in heels just to be able to witness the unveiling of Oxygen's S/S 2012 collection at the Philippine Fashion Week runway. I was late (I blame the Atrium! hehe) and I lost my reserved seat, but that didn't stop me from watching the show even if I had to stand at the back and watch it form afar. I wasn't able to take good photos (so thank you Kaye for your bionic lens) but I did enjoy the show--nice production, music and of course clothes!:) (photos from kaye)

They showcased a lot of clothes and looks so I'm just posting my favorites below...
I love how Oxygen has everything for everyone. You all know I'm a vintagey girl, but I always find something I could wear in Oxygen. They have amazing basic pieces plus pieces that are not too loud but will make you stand out from the crowd. I particularly love this collection coz they finally injected color--subtle, but it's still color! Obsessed with the Marcela tees as well. Some people texted and messaged me asking if they're now out in stores. I heard it will be out this November, so watch out for it!:)

 Oxygen's brand manager Jeff Bascon--congrats!

Thanks Ed Lorenzo and Cholo dela Vega of Connect Agency for the invite. Thanks too Jeff and Kat of Oxygen!:)

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