OXYGEN S/S '12 Exclusive Preview Party

I, together with 25 other bloggers (not everyone came though), was lucky enough to have been chosen to attend OXYGEN's very exclusive preview party of their spring/summer line and collaboration with Marcela Gutierrez. It was held at their Trinoma branch last October 8.

I was late so I wasn't able to take many photos. Some of the photos posted below were grabbed from Vergil Chua & Karl!:)

Oxygen's newest collection strategically hops to a topnotch cluster of colors and fierce imagery that will turn out to be a fashion phenomenon as the brand ties up with one of the world's best illustrator, Marcela Gutierrez. Soft, relaxed silhouettes and anti-gender, that is Oxygen's Spring/Summer collection for 2012, a mixture of minimalist and androgynous cuts that uses color splashes from palettes of both sexes, like Green, Yellow, Blue and Neutrals.

i loveee this! my first thought when i saw this? So Karl!:)

love the acid wash vest

Marcela tee--i like this!

Excited for this collection to come out! And it's gonna be very soon!:)

Here are more gorgeous items from the racks...
I've always loved Oxygen's blazers and jackets!
my bebe Tin looking at the same jacket I was crushing on!

love this shirt! 

want this jacket too

took home this bag and it's my new fave!

Of course I had to try some of my favorite pieces on! Thank you Oxygen for the shopping spree:) There were so many amazing items in the store that I spent an hour sifting through the racks. Heh.

my loots

last minute buy! love this cutout shoulder shirt!

Carina and Ed of Connect:) Love them!

my loves Thysz and Karl:)


karl so happy with oxygen's surprise! (will reveal later hehe)

alex and tin:)

Cholo dela Vega of Connect Agency with Thysz and Jonver:)

Oxygen's brand manager--Jeff Bascon. Hi Jeff and thank you!:)

shopping galore

with my loves karl and tin

with Vergil:)

Each of us also got this mysterious box...
inside was a Marcela tee (which I wore on my previous post)...

..and this personalized paper doll b Soleil Ignacio (thanks for the info Val!).
 Soooo cuuute!!!:) Everyone got one. Awww.:)

Thanks again Oxygen, we love you!:)


  1. OMG ang cute ng paper doll! Reminiscing grade school days tuloy ako haha!

    Enjoy your week Aisa! :)

  2. Wow their collection now looks pretty good. I have't been to their store in ages. :o

    And I love the paper doll!! Soleil Ignacio made them. She's amaaaizng. <3

  3. That surprise giveaway is so adorable! Oxygen's got good stuff for their new collection huh?

    And a late Happy Halloween to you! :-)

  4. bongga! I love shopping sprees :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. BET na BET ang paper dolls!

  6. @roanjean - super cute!!! para kaming kids when we saw it hehe. enjoy your week too!:)

    @sunnytoast - super!:)

    @Val - you should drop by oxygen na! ay wag muna pala when their new collection comes out nalang para may colors. hehe!:) and thanks for the info--love soleil's work!:)

    @Carla - likewise!:)

    @Melai - tamuuuh!

    @Liezyl - kakilig yung paperdolls! hehe

  7. can i ask what camera you are using? :)

  8. wow this is so cool and the paper doll surprise is really heartwarming! how sweet!


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