My First Billboard: Globe Tattoo!

It has been a good year for me. I think it has really something to do with the lucky ring Mich and I bought from SM (I sweaaaar it works), but more than that prayers (and faith)! Mich also has a very logical explanation for it: She said it's the Year of the Rabbit and they're close friends with the Pigs (which is our year) therefore we're sharing the Rabbit's luck. Labooooo! Haha. 

Anyway 2 months ago I, together with some of my favorite bloggers, had a shoot for Globe Tattoo's ad campaign. Now it's finally out!!! It still feels so surreal. One, because I never really thought this would ever happen. Two, I've been loyal to Globe since my first phone (12 years!).
Anyway, here are some BTS photos starting with my outfit!
(grabbed from Ava, Ana and Paul the PR Guy--my new favorite male blogger).

 Thrifted top, Bags in the City shorts, Manels flats, Chicify satchel bag, vintage belt, SM necklace

I wanted to wear something colorful and "me" to the shoot and this is what I came up with. Nothing too fancy. :)

 other bloggers and Coy of Globe
 favorite girls --Bestie, Melai, Lauren, Ava, Ana and Helga

 group pic!:) super fun shoot

 wacky daw

 fun bunch

 lloyda, ava and i were the early birds so chika muna while waiting for the others

 zeus lang ang drama hahaha. feel ko noh? lol!

 lloyda's yaya taking our photo--cute naman!:)

me, bestie, ava, lloyda

And now the final product! I still look awkward, but whatever. Haha. They had a hard time looking for areas on my body where they could put the "I Choose Tattoo" words coz I was pretty covered up. So I guess that's why they just chose this photo. I'm still thrilled. :)

Thank you Coy and Niche of Globe!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would one day see my face up on Edsa (and Katipunan and Lawton too!). Well, I can't still believe it whenever I see my styling works on print! Told Mich yesterday that it still hasn't sinked in. You know, all this--the blessings. I'm still the old jologs me. Heeeh.

Thank you Lord for everything. My life is Yours, so all this is Yours. :)

P.S. Featured on Philippine Star for the Freeway x Manansala event! Bongga!

P.S. See you at the DIVA event later! Warning: I'm still sick so please bear with me. :)


  1. congrats aisa, you all look so pretty! =)

  2. Congrats Aisa! I wanna see your LED billboard! :D

  3. congratulations pax <3 you deserve all this blessings! bongga :)


  4. Paxi!! Congrats!! XD You already!

  5. Woot! I'm really happy and proud of you guys!

  6. wow, congratulations! :)

  7. Your outfit is so CHIC!!! well,, as always :) I find your green top really pretty for I'm currently a fan of polka dot print. LOVE the combo of yellow & green.. AMAAAAZIING!!

    --czarina :)

  8. Wow! I am like there! Haha! :)

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