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I watch PFW shows not to look cool or "in" or to dress up. Whenever I watch PFW shows, I watch them not as a blogger but as a stylist. Shows and collections inspire me (and I'm sure stylists out there would agree with me) to come up with different shoot/editorial concepts. It is also to view the collections of very talented Filipino designers (as well as brands), so we'd know from whom or where to pull our clothes from next. Now I have quite a few on my list. :) 

Anyway, went to watch 2 of my favorite shows on the last day of PFW. I went home more inspired:) But before that, just wanna share with you guys my chosen outfit for that day!

Thrifted vintage top, Forever 21 skirt, Shoe Etiquette heels, SG bag

Got the top recently from a thrift shop in Cubao. It might seem over the top but I looooove it! I think it's a statement on it's own. I especially love the collar! Jear also kept teasing me that I certainly  dressed for the occasion. You would see later. Look out for Sassa Jimenez's collection and see for yourself. Heh.

Here are the photos from the 2nd show I watched. Will post the Grand Allure photos on a separate entry. I could describe the collections below in 3 words -- Glamazons, Utilitarian and Clowns/Circus. :)

they played the whole show. laveeet

Teresa Herrera modelling:) Love the sequin pants!

i think the collection was inspired by underwater, fishes, glamazons? awesome pants:)

love this dress! 
love the sequined top with the textured/structured skirt

cute shoooes

love the mix of sheer printed fabric and sequins

 love this

 my fave!

 fierce! love the trousers and blazer!

 love the fabric he used:)

 i would wear this to prom! as if hehe

 the designer himself - jerome salaya ang

 Love this collection! Ultra feminine, sleek, chic and utilitarian. Love:)

 went gaga over the jackets!

 inlove with this clutch bag!

 i want this in my closet!!!

Jear approached Noel immediately after the show to pull-out. Haha. Aylavet.

Sassa's collection was I think inspired by my outfit. Charot! Seriously, I loooove her collection!
 Inspired by the circus:)

 how cute are these shoes??? love the bows:)

so me noh? hehe sheer striped top with drapey polka skirt!

 tulle skirt with sheer top and tulle clownish collar:)

so lovely:) love the overflowing bows hehe. :)

one of my favorites! love the bow in front:)


 love the collar:)

told jear, I would get married in this gown. Bongga lang. hehe

Congrats Sassa!:)

That's all for now. Will share the amazing pieces from the Grand allure show next. :) I'm still a little sick but I'll be dropping by the Global Pinoy Bazaar tomorrow! So hope to see you there. :) Hope you're all having an amazing weekend!


  1. pax :D Hihi I saw you on the front row taking pictures on that show :D anyhoo, I love your vintage looks as always. :)


  2. There are some interesting pieces in these collections :)


  3. Oh that blouse is so beautiful! Sucha thrifted treasure. The collections are really amazing, love all the pretty details on them!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. your blouse is soooo dreamy! sassa jimenez's collection is my fave!

  5. You've got a lovely blog ;) Keep up the good work!

    Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)

  6. Absolutely adore Sassa Jimenez collection! Love your outfit as well


  7. That top is beautiful!
    I was disappointed to see it was thrifted :(
    You always look amazing :)
    District of Fashion


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