To Neutrals, Shopping & Recuperating

I'm still sick, BUMMER. Four days of cough and colds is pure hell. Boo. I've resorted to homemade remedies like steaming & application of Vicks Vaporub and Apple Cider Vinegar + honey mixture. I'll let you know if it's effective. Heh.

Anyway, a few days ago (even if I was already sick), I still attended the Octoarts event/exclusive luncheon with Direk Joey Reyes for his new Juday/Ryan film My House Husband. I was late but I still made it to the chismisan/kwentuhan/bonding with Direk. He was so much fun to talk to (or listen to), so witty & nice. :) Here are photos from that busy day!

Thrifted dress & parka jacket, Parisian ballet flats, Chicify satchel bag

Didn't really feel like dressing up coz I was not feeling well. So I just wore a simple white dress, threw on a long parka and my favorite ballet flats. It was one of the most comfortable outfits-- in fairness!

attended the event with a different crowd--love them!:)

 with sarah, melai & anton!

 melai's outfit


Melai and I ran to Greenbelt next for our meeting with Close-Up. We had "issues" with them, but at the end of the day there's nothing that can't be fixed by humility, sincerity and laughter. A huge thanks to their brand team for taking the time to iron things out. :)

 love love na!

Passed by Forever 21 and SM for a quick shopping fix. Heh.
bet ko tong suede parisian boots! Bongga!

chunky heels--lavet

i shall return! 

Perfect timing, that day Mich received a package for me from Kinney of Mis Cosas...
Tada! It's a 15"x25"x6" shopping bag or specifically Mis Cosas Crayola Carry Alls.

it's made of the most durable nylons around

it can fit up to 2-3 shopping bags inside! (inside are 2 pairs of shoes, clothes, groceries)

 Trivia: they hung 18.5lbs worth of weights in it for 6 hours and it didn't break! Wowsa.

Go buy one for yourself, now na! I swear it's so useful. I also love that it comes with a cute pouch and it's available in different colors. It's perfect for the anti-plastic bag law that would be implemented next year. Plus, Mis Cosas is now using Multiply's new online shopping platform! So easy to buy this. Plus, it's super cheap for P250! ;)

 Here are my buys for the day...
Forever 21 oxfords for Mich--naloka sha bigla ko binili for her. Lol!

Parisian boots (excited lang for Hongkong!)

thanks Giordano for this tee--watch out for their blogger's styling contest! Vote for my entry ha!:)

Anyway, I decided to give my body the rest that it deserves. Will be staying in today (my body had gone bozo--well it can only take so much sleepless nights and foodless days) just to recuperate. Hope I get better tomorrow. So many things to do! Argh. Have you saved the date??? December 3, Blogger's Bazaar! :) See you!


  1. Thanks soo much Aisa! :)

  2. Thanks soo much Aisa! :D

  3. I love how everything looks great on you :) i hope you get to visit my shop when i post the next batch of notably pretty tops & dresses :) theyre also very cheap..i havent priced anything over 600 yet :) ive been browsing your blog to get inspirations for my next batch of clothing..i hope you wont mind :) i just love your sense of creativity and i love how u shop vintage and thrifted clothes, that style is much more practical :)

  4. bkit po khit anong porma gawin nyo bagay parin sa inyo..:) hehe
    really love ur blog!!

  5. get well soon Pax! try boiling fresh oregano in water, look up nalang the exact measurements. works for me :) glad to see you were able to smoothen things out w close up! :)

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  6. i hope you get better soon! =) cute nung boots! ang daming choices ng parisian sa SM Makati ah, why so far! haha!

  7. it was nice meeting you Paxie!!naku--I think I should surround myself with fashion bloggers more para mabawasan ang jologs fashion getups ko.hahaha

  8. How are you? Hope you're well na! :)


  9. OMG I love your boots Aisa <3


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