Pay Less for Shoes

After an all night drinking spree with my cousins and some friends last Saturday, I woke up to a bright & sweet Sunday afternoon. Heh. Had to drag my hangovered ass out of bed to canvass (which I ended up buying) for a new phone. Yey! I don't normally splurge on phones, but my Nokia C3 is killing meeee. Well, it was good while it lasted. Now it has gone ultra slow and it constantly hangs.

Before everything else, I managed to drag Mich to the PAYLESS shoe sale at Jupiter St. Makati. It was a private sale for Citibank holders. Mich wanted to kill herself for showing me Citibank's sale alert message. Haha. There were only 2 words to describe the whole scene that day = heaven & chaos! The first thing I saw upon entering the area was the shoes I've been wanting to buy months ago! I remember I looked for it everywhere but sadly they ran out of sizes. I got so giddy! Haha. Here I am wearing it right after purchasing it. Excited much?

Mango colorblock top, Archive shorts, SG bag, Payless shoes

 Soulifestyle chain belt, Diva gold cuff, Tomato watch

love the red heels and mesh details! Would you believe I got this for only P1k instead of P3k???

Bought all 3 pairs for P1800! The polka dot wedges are P490 lang!

After shoe shopping, we then had lunch at Whistlestop (food was great but the service sucks!)
my adobo flakes meal--so good!

Mich's tapa meal which was good too. The lychee iced tea was too sweet though! Eek.

kinikilig sa shoes

We went to the HSBC brands sale at the Megatent next. We were hoping to buy a nice phone for 0% interest. Unfortunately, electronics sold there were expensive so we decided to go to Greenhills instead. Bought a new HTC Desire S phone for P18k--P5k cheaper!

 loving it right now! although i'm having problems connecting to wifi. Help???

Ended the night with a lovely dinner at My Thai Kitchen, Eastwood Mall and some Mochi ice cream overload.

tom yum--don't be deceived, malalim the bowl! bottomless lang the peg!

bagoong rice, kangkong, beef satay --we finished everything! takaw!

Now, don't forget to drop by Il Terrazzo on Saturday! Will be selling Archive + some personal stuff at low low prices.

will be selling my purple garterized Jellybean wedge

and this cute wedge! (actually im having second thoughts right now hmmm)

So do drop by!:) Also, I hope your calendars are now marked and you're absolutely ready for the 2nd Blogger's Bazaar!

Watch our official teaser video here:

I hope you've all saved up for this. It will be one helluva crazy shopping event. Believe me. Plus, a lot of fabulous brands (our sponsors) would be selling amazing items as well.You still have 2 weeks, so go save up! Save up Pax! Haha.


  1. Love those wedge you bought at Payless! love the sheer and colored heeled design :)


  2. Girl! LOve ko ang new venue the outfit post mo!!:) Ganda ng lights!:) Love the new shoes and phone!:)

  3. omg you're selling the leopard wedge!! me wants!! its so beautiful!

    btw, i love your new phone! :)


  4. The newly bought shoes were perfect for your outfit!
    So chic and blooming as always :)

  5. pax so cute naman the shoes!! :) thats why its so hard to have a credit card for all the private sales!! nice purchases :D

  6. wow, i love all the new shoes and the phone too!! :)


  7. Bongga the shoes! I'll try to drop by il tirazzo. See yah! =) Miss you! Super magaling nako kaya gogogo na ulit! =)

  8. You seem to love yummy and delish food yet you're so skinny. *envy for that body heheh

  9. i cant go to the event ms. aisa because i live in cebu. but can i buy the second shoes you posted, that leopard wedge? huuu.its so cute!!! let me know. heeee! :))


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