Weekend + Preppy Bumblebee

An OTD post! Yahooo. That means no more backlogs. Sharing with you guys what I wore today at the Yabang Pinoy event. Since it's raining like hell, got to take my new favorite thrifted sweater out for a spiiiiiiiiiin. Thank you Ana for patiently taking my photos!

sweater - thrifted, dress - Robinsons, red booties- Ebay, bag - Manels, necklaces - Mauve & SM, ring - iamgirlie, green leather bracelet- Bead Shop, white leather bracelet- Les Roux

Wore my striped sweater over an LBD and used my DIY white detachable collar! Preppy in a flash. Heh. Wore my studded satchel with my studded red booties. Match lang. Haha. I'm addicted to studded things nowadays.

Anyway, spent my Saturday in a photoshoot for a clothing brand! t was my 1st time to be photographed for a campaign so watch out for it. Effort yan! Haha. I also had fun bonding with fellow blogger Joanna Ladrido, superstylist Myrrh Lao Tao and Ed Lorenzo of Connect Agencie. Can't wait to share it with you guys once it's finally out! Thanks Gabby (our photog) for being patient and helping me out. Sana worth it ang pawis. Lol.

Myrrh, me, JL, Ed

sorry for my haggardness, haven't slept yet!

thanks for taking care of me!

and thank you Joyce Platon for helping me with my makeup! Love it!

if you need an amazing makeup artist, contact Joyce! Visit her blog!

me & joyce, thank yoou!

That's it for now! This weather makes me want to eat and eat and eat. Uuugh. Be safe & stay dry everyone!=D


  1. love the sweater. I'm following joyce's blog and she's really good. :)


  2. love your make-up pax.. simple yet looks natural.. =) sakto lng.. perfect ang boots mo sa cozy and maulan na weather natin ngayon.. ingat


  3. ayayaaay! soo guapa, ais! cant wait to see you guys soon! and i loveee love your shoes and harlow-inspired necklace ^^

    keep safe, ais and mich!


  4. Love your outfit! alam ko kung ano yang brand na yan, Bongga yan ever! excited na ko makita yun... :D

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  5. Really liked your studded red booties, bumblebee! :)


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