Les Roux & Pirouette Giveaway Winners!

So..I'm now back to regular programming! Yeeey. Battled an annoying virus off my site (see post below) for almost a day. So let's kick things off with my 2 blog giveaway winners! :) Winners drawn via random.org.

Les Roux Winners
Cat Limson - 1st
Charmaine Cuartero - 2nd
Claudine Chua - 3rd

(and all their names start with the letter C,  cool!)

Pirouette Winners
Tracie Millares - denim shirt
Kimberly Calub - fringe top
Bianca Lorraine Sing - scallop top
Gessa Marie C - shorts

Congratulations! Will email the winners. :) I have more giveaways coming up (yeeeeeeeeep! they just keep on coming hehe) so keep checking back. :) I will also be shipping all pending prizes tomorrow. So sorry for the delay, my days had been really crazy. Thanks for all the love and support. I might not tell you guys enough but thank you. :) Exciting news soon! Love love!


  1. yey! i won! sent details via email. thanks! :)

  2. Yah that was cool.
    Lahat pa talaga sila dapat starts with letter "C" ang names. Required daw yun hehe :)


  3. yay! thank you so much miss aisa!! :D

    and to your blog. ;P

    Gessa Marie C

  4. Congrats to the winners! ^^ Okay na sis ung bug? kc I had to temporailiy emove ur site s page ko kasi nagwawarning ng malware etc.,=) ibalik ko n now,=)

  5. so happy!!!! thanks ms aisa!!!! :)

  6. Weee! I won! :)
    Thanks Ms. Aisa! :)

  7. Glad your account is ok. ^_^ Thanks for doing this giveaway! The response was definitely MORE than I hoped for :)


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