Mr. Kurosawa

Mich and I live 5 minutes away from Eastwood, so it's our go to date place. Heeeh. Here's us pigging out last Sunday! We love the weekend food market inside Eastwood Mall. I ate so much Mochi icecream! Nomnomnom. I wanted to wear something comfy, so here's my take on comfort fashion...

oversized shirt - Giordano, trousers-thrifted, wedges - Chickflick, satchel - Manels, necklace - SM, bracelets - Mauve, Les Roux & Beadshop

I chose this shirt from Giordano because I love the color, the style, fabric and I love how comfy it is!:) I already wore this with a white shorts. Will wear this again soon styled in another way! So versatile.

Anyway, Mich and I tried out this Japanese resto called Mr. Kurosawa. It was jampacked but the wait was worth it.

red iced tea
love the oysters! although i only tasted melted cheese. Heh.

crunchy kani roll & bacon w/ kani (should have been asparagus though :/)

California maki

 dizzy up the girl with food. Lol.

We spent an hour sitting at the park bench watching people & eating mochi icecream and then spent another hour sipping srawberry tea at Coffee Bean. Love.:)


  1. I love your outfit!
    It's so fun-and in my opinion is what fashion is about: fun!
    I love your blog!!!


  2. Sweet!!<3 kelan kaya namin gagawin yan ni jic jic hahaha pa icecream icecream tapos kape :)) <3 hehehe!
    Love the top! Bet ko yan for uaap games yellow!!! Hihi!:)

  3. i loveeeee your necklace, ais ^^

    i miss youuu

  4. mmm.. green tea mochi!! you had two mochis. takaw mo!
    how come there's two coffeebeans in eastwood?

  5. Super laid back! Love it! :D


  6. Seriously?? I WORK in Eastwood, I hope I don't embarrass you if I bump into you and have photos taken with you ma-ffangirl ako! :D

    I don't think I've followed your blog long enough to see this top, but you really look good in yellow. I love over sized tops they let us walk out of the house in style but super comfy :D

  7. We frequent Mr Kurosawa in Resorts World and yes, the food is really good. We love the spicy tuna salad! And the mojito! :)

  8. Yan ang masarap sa lahat e, food date! :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  9. Hello Aisa! I really love your look. It reminds me of Alexander Wang. :)
    Casual and sporty! ;p
    I'm also loving the food. There's not much Jap restos here in Cebu. The food that you ordered are soo yummy. *envy face* :)

  10. Haha. You're sooo cute sa last photo! :) Nagutom tuloy ako. Lucky you, you don't gain weight at all. Parang lagi kayo nag f-food trip ni Mich. Sarap! ;)


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